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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Hey gang,

    After 2 years of making Mighty Mods videos we decided to say thanks to the people who have watched and supported the show by throwing a party.

    When we asked for donations to make the TRDLZR episode we got more donations from NETRIDER than ANY OTHER forum - including ALL of the car forums, which basically means you guys rule, so to say thanks we're giving you beer!

    Details below and looking forward to meeting you there!


  2. sounds good, hope the tabs a big 1 :)
  3. sounds like fun, anybody want to meet beforehand? I'm down shireways so not you goz but still love ya! :D I'll be drinking you under the table though mate!
  4. That's a frikken long ride.... but it might be worth it for free beers.
  5. 1000 km for free beer...
    Hmmm So tempting
  6. Woo! I've been invited twice now :D
  7. I've calculated that we would need to drink 85 pots each to make it financially viable. I like my chances, put me down as a maybe.
  8. hahaha dude, i have Serbian background, well known we drink like fish, but in saying that, it wont happen lol, bike has to get home somehow
  9. I'm Irish..If I could make it you would be in trouble :p
  10. Bah jump on the train ya softie! I'll be hitting up the public transport and bringing my helmet so i'll fit in with you lot but still be able to drink myself into a stupor with the bar tap :rofl:

    But yeh anybody on the blue line shoot me a PM, i'm not passing up a bar tab! Yeeewww!
  11. Yes if you're carrying a helmet on the night you'll get extra special treatment!

    If you're coming along just RSVP on the page so we have an idea of numbers. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  12. Does this extra special treatment invlove a happy ending?
  13. Not from you me but you never know your luck in a big city... :)
  14. hmmmm this is 5min walk from my work... DID YOU SAY FREE BEER!!!

  15. Would love to, but will be working that night (and day... farkit)

    Good on ya guys, keep the eps coming.
  16. I'll see if i can make it afterwards, I have a date with the Whitlams (Tim Freedman and co.) that afternoon ! :)

    And which car forums are invited ???
    You might need to send me a guest list to review just in case ! ;)
  17. I'll give you five bucks if you glass the c**t.
  18. So who is actually going to this thing? I'll be there. I'd say look for the bloke with the jesus hair, but I chopped it off last week. So you'll have to do without any visual aids :p

    Hope to meet some of you there!