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Everybody OK down there in Victoria??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 26, 2012.

  1. Amazing stories and pictures coming through here of a wild and wet night in Victoria.....

  2. was pretty hairy yesterday! last night driving home i went for a bit of a slip and slide, but havent seen any of these pictures yet!
  3. Horses are still standing in the paddock Hornet, so that's a good sign. Few trees down and have to check sheds, everything looks OK though. 50mm rain here.
  4. So far so good. Had a fun time riding home tho. Completely drenched. Even the socks in my waterproof shoes were wet and they r good shoes otherwise.
  5. Huh.. I had a great nights sleep, did I miss something :)
  6. Rode to work and arrived dry...however the rain brought out the stupid in people. On the way home it was even worse the first half, but half way home I could see the sky, which was good.

    Wind was phenomenal...friggen cold and strong, got buffered a lot. The Westgate bridge saw a few trucks weaving over lanes.

    But was a good night otherwise :D
  7. My new drive has been laid ready for concreting, Its all now out in the street,

    Half the hill behind me drains and runs out straight down my drive way,

    I did have self dug drains to stop it, but the concreter blocked them all for the new drive,
    As for rain Etc, Nothing bothers me here,
  8. Meh......seen worse...

    The storms of March 2010 were much worse - typical media hysteria...

    Rode to and from work through the heavy rain.....was a little slippery - nothing extreme
  9. Surf was up.... In the bay ! Saves a drive down the surf coast !
  10. I'm more worried about my family back home in christchurch.. another 3 earthquakes yesterday.
  11. Didn't know there were any more eathquakes. My sister over there probably got sick of telling us about them after the first few thousand lol.

    I rode to work in that weather and got drenched (took a complete change of clothes with me) but on the way home I stayed dry, but reeally cold.
  12. Hard bastard!

    Please tell me you weren't wearing those 'plug in' thermals ya pussy!
  13. YUP, if your gunna be a soft cock, be a warm one.

    more details here Just make sure your alternator is up to the job as a jacket and pants set will draw about 150W !

  14. more snow at hotham the better... bring on opening weekend woop
  15. Turn 1 at Phillip Island on Friday arvo.


    Now that top of the tyre wall you can see on the left is at least 1 metre high.

    Caused the practice day for the Shannon's Nationals car races to be cancelled for the day.

    Also heard reports of the road onto the island as well as parts of the South Gippy Highway being closed at various times over the weekend due to flooding.
  16. That's INSANE, Paul :shock: