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Everybody loves a xmas gingle ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Ok it's twismas time again...yahoo.
    I luv xmas, specially since most of the relo's moved back south or died :) No more sloppy nanna kiss's...or grandpa for that matter....bet ya wondering how I would disgrace this thread haha

    So c'mon favorite xmas songs.....cant go by Bing, Bennet or the god himself Frank
    haha check it out, how can ya not wanna eat pig and drink till ya chuck

  2. I do not like christmas carols or related songs.

    The exception is Kevin "Bloody" Wilson's "Santa Claus was Going to Town".
  3. Go to Carols by Candlelight every year, love it.
  4. Don't have kids hey ???
    They make Christmas a financial, logistical and mental nightmare.
    Buy yeah they make it absolutely the best day of the year.
    Hey I was a chef and worked them for so long and hated it with a passion....had kids and it's all farked up now...haha
  5. Couple of (very) non-traditional ones from either end of the spectrum.

    From the funny

    To the, stick your head in the oven with the turkey, melancholy
  6. I hate Xmas and Hate Xmas Carols even bloody more, Try working in Retail or Hospitality at this time of year, stroppy Customers, mega work hours and F##king Xmas Carols 24/7 on the instore PA system from late October.
    Xmas both sucks and blows! :poop:

    Our Family celebrate Birthmas! because a number of our family members have Birthdays around Xmas, so we postpone Xmas to early Feb, combine Birthday and Xmas/New Years celebrations away from the silly season, no running around paying top price for everything (presents, food and Alcohol) we take advantage of the after Xmas sales, also because we live at other ends of the Country, we get cheap flights just after the School Holidays have ended. so we end up having more fun with better presents, more people there, and it cost's a shit load less!
    But a strict no Xmas Carols rule applies! ;)
  7. I know what you mean; I hated cheffing at Christmas, especially for the Army years; you make the fun, everyone else eats it and no-one extends Christmas goodwill to YOU!

    But I love Christmas, and now with two grandsons, one born just 4 days after Christmas last year, it's got the same 'kids' context as it did when we were bringing up our kids.

    Hate most Christmas music, however, patently insincere and hypocritcal in most cases....
  8. Agreed, I can't stand it. Just give me the holidays.
  9. My all time favourite Weird Al Yankovich - The Night Santa Went Crazy

  10. My favourite of his was 'Another One Rides the Bus'. But that's probably because of the melodious farting in it.
  11. White Christmas by Willie Nelson is pretty good :)
  12. I know what ur saying about restaurants... I was a chef from 17, family had pubs and clubs as well. Hated it with a passion, even did the anti xmas parties.
    Then had kids......quit the working weekend shit....well almost. But xmas now is stuffing ones face till it hurts to lay down, drinking till your a gibbering mess and laughing.
    Cooking the food for the family is great, my family is old and everyone sits around the table and does something. Watching and listening to four generations of the same...... Yeah it's good shit that keeps you level, makes you feel you belong
  13. I f**king hate shopping with a passion this time of year. It's mostly due to the same 3 carols played on repeat everywhere, but extends to the pram-pushers with no regard for anyone else, the 300 billion retards who stop in the middle of every f***king walkway to say hi to someone, the idiots all around the parking lot (though if I do have to go in I always go to a centre with motorcycle parking, I love it when they get to see me get a park right next to the door that they couldn't fit in even if they tried haha!) and then you have the poor bastard working the counter, who just doesn't care anymore thanks to all the above and the increased hours over Christmas.

    As I side note, I don't think I know anyone who actually gets time off over Christmas, they all seem to work harder except my teacher mates, so much for the "holidays"o_O

    Where possible I do all my shopping online, and if I need to go to a store I have (and will continue to) happily paid more for a product that is cheaper in the next store over, but this one is just playing music while the cheaper one is playing Carols.

    In spite of that I love everything else about this time of year, the cricket, walking around at night and seeing the lit up houses, the lead in to the new year, and just being able to catch up and have a few with friends and family that I haven't seen since last Christmas. If you stay away from the shops it's a pretty good time of year (y)

    Favourite song would have to be this one by Austrian Death Machine (aka Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying) done as a tribute to Arnie!