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Every pupil to be numbered and kept on Government database

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Well its happening in the UK and you can be sure the same will follow dowstream. George Orwell, must be rolling in his grave!


  2. when I started VCE I was assigned a number (Can't for teh life of me rememvber what it was) i expect that number remained long after i left school, and there were results matched against it.
    Who knows that information may still exist now...
    when I went to Uni the same happened.
    Then there is a TFN.
    Just like the information every one else has.
    This is nothing new.
  3. They already are here...

    VCAA ID. 83139831T
    Tertiery Student ID. 267081X

    The only difference is it's not web available...

    "Where you're not a name, you're a number"
  4. Having had some involvement in Student Information Systems over the past 10 years (including the proposed national and state student numbers) I can assure PP that while the ostensible purpose is to make sure that students results follow them from school to school and on to post-secondary study and will be accessible on-line (eventually) by them - even 30 years later; these aren't the real uses.

    The real use will be that the student number is, like PP says, an id code. This idcode will be put onto a chip and inserted into the children during compulsory vaccination once there it will migrate to the central nervous system and hook up. This will enable remote control so that (for instance) instead of stopping the engine of a speeding car, this will just stop the person. Just think of the advantages for parents when all kids will come with an off switch. :LOL:

    It's early days but they're working on it here

    By the way, post secondary (Uni & TAFE) student records are supposed to be held indefinitely anyway.
  5. PP forgot his meds today :LOL:
  6. What they didn't tell you in the article PP, was they are planning to tattoo the database entry number on the right arm of each student, so they can easily find their record. This was to be done in UV fluorescent ink, until they realised they would be visible at night clubs, so they are going to use radium instead so they can be read form remote satellites.