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Every man and his his dog!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cookeetree, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Well, Mrs Tree and I went for a ride today and it would appear that every man and his dog did, too! The number of bikes on the roads was just incredible!!

    We headed off from Beaudesert and did the short hop to Canungra, where we stopped at the Outpost Cafe for a quick sip of fluids and to check out the impromptu bike show. The quantity and quality of the bikes parked up and down the street was a sight to see.


    I had a couple of guys come and look at my bike. They'd done a double-take when they saw the paint.


    We then headed out to Beechmont, with the intention of going to the Hinze Dam. Not really knowing where we were going (never been that way before), we pulled into Rosins Lookout to check the map. This is where things to a turn for the worse.

    I went to pull up near the covered area and saw that I was going to end up parked on the gravel, so I turned to avoid it. BIG MISTAKE! The sharp change in direction caused the bike to lean hard and she just didn't have the speed to do that. She started falling to her right and, try as I might, I just couldn't hold her up (she's a quite hefty 240kg after all). Anyway, down she went. As I was struggling to get her upright, another biker (who, incidentally, had been parked right next to us at Canungra) came over and helped me out. I just about cried when I saw the damage, but then just started laughing it off. "F*ck it," I thought, "it's only paint." The damage is only cosmetic but, at $1500/litre for the paint, it's still going to cost a packet to fix. Hopefully, my insurance will come to the party.


    While we were sitting at Rosins, another biker stopped and told us about an accident further down the road. Apparently, a bike and rider had gone off the edge and the road was closed. Don't know if the rider had survived, but all indications we got didn't sound good. So, missing a few bits of paint, we decided to just cut our losses and head back. We stopped at the Outpost for a quick lunchtime feed (great Steak and Curry pie!!), then made the short trek back home.

    All in all, a great ride, even taking into account the damage to my bike. Bugger it, it's only paint...
  2. you look very pretty :grin:

    as for the rider, she's standing out side my window, yeah, she died.
    i see dead people :shock:
    grandma says hi :grin:


    seriously, the chances of it being a fatal are very low. if u heard a chopper, thats just because of the location, not the seriousness.

    cheers :cool:
  3. That is a definate play area for motorcycles. Lucky you!!
  4. Sorry to read about your off Cookeetree.

    I take it your wife wasn't on your bike at the time?

    Glad to hear you are ok. Hope your bike's wounds heal quickly and relatively inexpensively. :wink:
  5. Three bad accidents in the one area today :(
    The one at Canungra, Rider has broken pelvis and something else, he'll live. (it was on the news - car hit him)
    The one at Beechmont happened in front of a friend of mine, guy is in a bad way.
    And the two that had a head on at springbrook have broken bones.

    Did you see a big group of about 40 bikes go past today?? We went through canungra about 9:30 :) I think I saw your bike there..
  6. Geez, theres like no damage to the bike. Just looks like a bike that rides with others alot, Stone chips.
  7. that will buff rite out
  8. Buffing just isn't going to work on this one. There's a chunk of paint missing just next to the indicator and the mirror copped a big graze and also shattered the paint where the main part of the mirror joins the stalk. To top it off, the paint cracked where the mirror attaches to the fairing. I couldn't get a decent pic of that damage. Had it just been the few scratches on the fairing, yeah, I wouldn't worry about getting it fixed.

    The Canungra accident was on Channel 7 news, but they didn't mention the Beechmont one. Damn, the Canungra guy was lucky! Anyone know exactly where it happened?

    D Stump - Thanks, I did my hair 'specially for you. :wink:

    ward_4e - That's the beauty of living in the Beaudesert area; all those roads are very much right in our "backyard". We don't have to spend an hour to get to them.

    Black Magic - No, she was on her bike. One thing I didn't mention in my initial post was that she all but dropped her bike in the same carpark! She saw what was happening to me and tried to come to my rescue. She just couldn't get her stand down fast enough and her bike started going down. She caught it before it hit the ground and the friend of the guy of who helped me went to her aid. Funniest sh*t you've ever seen; both of us dropping our bikes at the same time!

    Tanya - There were so many bikes out yesterday, I probably saw your group but didn't, if you know what I mean.

    Can't wait for next Sunday's ride! I'm 90% and climbing.
  9. Came across a long line of cars up Beechmont when I went for a squirt up there. Told it would be an hours wait to get through the line. So I just turned around and went back down the road.

    I've seen another guy throw his bike off the mountain in that same area a few months back, he didn't follow the bike thankfully!