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Every god fearing rider needs one!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TWARBI, May 22, 2008.

  1. Was surfing the net and came across this little gem :shock: God bless the yanks for taking road rage to a new level!

    Shame "the piece" is not included in the price :grin:
  2. That could also solve the 'why can't my penis find a comfy spot near this fuel tank today?' problem...

  3. There was thread in a forum in the US (volusiariders.com) just a week or two ago.:

    "How can I get a concealed gun licence when travelling across the States." - or something like that.

    I concluded a number of things:

    1. Assume that a rider is armed - they usually are - and they always make sure they are armed even if popping down the road to get the milk and paper in the morning
    2. You should not leave your house unless you are armed as the "lawless" people will shoot you if they think you are not defended. Gives them a nasty suprise when you pull out your AK47 from the holster on your back :LOL:
    3. A concealed licence is better because then you can surprise them
    4. The Bill of Rights states that you have the right to defend yourself - and this is now interpreted as being - defend yourself with a gun of you may feel you are insulted or threatened

    But generally they are a good bunch - just really touchy about their rights to shoot you :)
  4. Yeah, and they call the muslims the extremists..... :roll:
  5. lol That's freakin hilarious..... :LOL:

    I'm kind of glad I'm not free... TO GET SHOT IN THE FACE BY A CUT BIKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!
  6. Man they are screwed…
    The logic the way I see it, is that if they think you are not armed they may just stick a gun in your face and tell you to F#$k off…
    If they think you are armed they are more likely to shoot you just to make sure you don’t draw.
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  8. To be fair, in some parts of the US, riders have had many close calls, and been attacked by bears and cats. DOn't forget that they still have wild cat species up there. A .45 handgun is commonly carried by outdoors types over there.
    A mate's dad spent several years in teh rural areas of British Columbia, and carrying a shotgun with bear shot was just something you had to do if you were in teh ootdoors.
    Mind you, most of the tossers who carry guns in the US don't need them, they are compensating.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Is bear shot, by any chance, that rather exciting variety where the cartridge contains a single, big slug?