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Every day I seem to piss someone in a car off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kampa77, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. I commute to and from work every day. I ride carefully ( go through the city) and cautiously, but every day a cager gets pissed at me just for being there. I get caged ballsacks beeping at me, yelling at me or cutting me off for no apparent reason. I don't lane split (maybe thats the problem) and will only filter maybe one or two cras when stationary at lights ( usually can't because they are too close and there's no way i can get between em). This morning a spinchter in a jag sat on his horn and was waving me to get out of his way..!! I was behind a line of cars at the lights and he wanted to pull a U-turn. Where was I to go..??

    Tolerance of motorcycle riders by caged monkeys seems to have hit an all time low. The adverts on TV directed at cagers seems to have done nothing more than enrage them. Maybe they think we are blaming them for m'cycle accidents where cars are involved or something.

  2. The city brings out the "falling down" character in all of us.

    Why dont you grab an uzi and strap it to your back, people will be heaps nice then.
  3. Jealousy is an ugly thing mate. :grin: Just ignore them, but watch ur back :wink:
  4. Yeah, just gotta let it go... you don't need *their* resentment and crap in *your* head.

    Smile, give 'em a big wave and ride off with a song in your heart - they hate that!
  5. The common link is that you're always there when the cagers get pissed. Perhaps stop pointing the finger at them and back at you and your actions.

    Personally I get cut off once a month and tooted once a year... Might have something to do with road position and reading the traffic.
  6. I have to wonder if you are over hesitant on the road.

    I never get agro like this. Once a week I might get someone try to prevent me filtering. I get "accidental" merges, but no horn beeping.

    Maybe cagers are more tolerant in Sydney. I've seen posts that indicate Adelaide drivers have a particularly bad attitude towards bikes.
  7. From what I seen with lots of riders, is might have to do with the gross over-reading in most motorcycle speedo's.

    Mine has to sit on 88kph in an 80 zone to be at the speed limit.

    Many riders probably sit on the speed limit only to piss a car driver off as in reality they are 5-8 k's below the limit
  8. For sure, I checked my speedo with a GPS only to find it 10% optimistic. Now I aim to sit +10% above the corrected speed so I hardly ever get trucks/cars sitting behind me.
  9. Port80. I've been riding for 16 yrs, and have never experienced anything like I have over the past 4 months. My road position or reading the traffic has absolutly nothing to do with why people in cars are getting annoyed. Had I have been just another car sitting there, I doubt if the drivers behind me would reacted like they do.

    I'm cautious, curtious and safe. I guess there's too much stress and inpatience coming from the comfort airconditioned drivers seats of the many car drivers commuting nowadays.
  10. Just because you've been on the roads for 16 years, doesn't mean that your road technique is correct ;) I'm not saying you're 100% wrong or at fault. But blaming everybody else for these problems makes you the same as the impatient car that's tooting at your for something they have made you wrong for.

    Oh, good. So you stopped and asked them this to confirm?

    Great. But for some drivers that counts as squat.

    I agree. I find the average driver is far to impatient and certainly not curtious. But I don't really hang around the cars to find out much more than that. Space is good.
  11. Did that once and didnt end very pretty at all......I got chased from city to westgate and half way to werribee! By chased I mean they were right on my arse but still on the speed limit. When at lights they would just sit right behind my and rev teh crap out of their car.....i acted brave but shit myself big time. I didnt ride in the city for three months after that!
  12. [/b]
  13. I go into the CBD every day and haven't noticed any difference. Rarely you'll get a tool who will move across to block my filtering but I find it's more than balanced by the number who get out of the way.

    I do have a few near misses - but that's with taxis and I'm prepared for that - particularly when they come off the rank in Exhibition St and try to turn across both lanes of moving traffic.

    Actually that's a point - is it called a taxi rank because it's full of rank taxis? :LOL:
  14. I guarantee that if you start filtering, you will have way less dramas with cagers, because they're all now behind you. :wink:
  15. Why does this stuff happen to everybody else?

    Shit stuff though.
  16. Had an interesting one a bit back where i was riding with a mate and he was leading and went to overtake this old stationwagon chock full with bogan dad, preggerz defacto smokin her reds and two kids in the back. As he was passing the bloke gives my mate the finger but i figure there's plenty of room so i overtake too and re enter the lane with lots of space and give the guy a thank you wave just to see him pulling up to my rear tyre :evil:

    Not wanting to hang about i thought i'd give it a squirt (after signalling my mate of course) and left the bogan to his devices. My mate wasn't as well off as me as he was on a lower capacity machine but he eventually pulled away from the nutter bloke.
  17. Kampa I've ridden with you and know you to be a placid easy going bloke, so i can understand how you'd be perplexed at some of the driver's attitudes.
    I know the area you're talking of, and from experience it's one of the worst areas to get through in peak hour. Some of those drivers have inched their way down the Monash, only to abandon it and inch their way along the side roads.

    And don't be fooled, just because a car has air/con doesn't mean it works well. Once the temperature gets up too high, some of the a/c's can't cope and circulate warm air. The air is cooler than outside, but it's warm and stuffy none the less.

    Speaking to a trucky the other day, he remarked how the cagers have become more impatient and volatile since the heat has hit. It's not uncommon.

    All i can suggest mate, is that if they are singling you out, try different routes on different days. Or if you want to continue using the same road for expedience, try going at different times.
    If the same cars are seeing you regularly, they are more likely to take liberties. Familiarity breeds contempt.

    Alternatively, buy a Harley and join a 1% club, I'm yet to see a car driver be anything but polite to those guys.

  18. the accelerator is on the right mate :grin:
  19. I always seem to miss out :(

    Maybe it's the loud abnoxious exhaust note ;)
  20. +1

    I filter constantly during the week to/from work.

    +1 for loud pipes.

    A Big v-twin and give the throttle some blips for all to make way. A beasty sounding bike definitely has a psychological effect on drivers around you.