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Ever wondered what PVDA gets up to on weekends

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Found this video file from the weekend on the net (ok a mate e-mailed the link to me).

    To set the story up, Suzuki GTi Rally Car is shown sitting at the start of Special Stage 3 of the David Nutter Ford Used Car Rally (DNFUCR) looking out the windscreen and you can just hear the start marshall counting down.

    As they go to take off a fuel line comes undone and the engine goes up in flames.

    I'm the guy in the middle of the screen at the very end in the yellow fire proof suit after we put the fire out before the crew even had time to get out of the car, mind you I wasn't even supposed to be doing fire protection, just Medical & Rescue support.

    I'm happy, I've had my fire for the year now \:D/

    Oh, warning, it's a 3Meg file, click on the picture that comes up to start the download.


    Oh, if it was a Suzi bike I might've let it burn :p
  2. thats a good way to be anonymous pvda, couldnt see you through all the smoke. Did i hear a profanity when that first flame appeared from the bonnet? :D
  3. Bit like "Wilson" the next door neighbour in the Home Improvement Sitcom :p

    You probably did hear a naughty word :-# , wouldn't you of you saw a flash like that a metre in front of you :shock:

    Remember I was 30 metres behind it when it went bang so couldn't see or hear what the crew was saying until we put it out and they eventually got out of the car.

    Copped some stick from my motorsport collegues this weekend at Winton for taking all of 30 seconds to put the fire out :evil: :roll: :wink:
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    Time to resurrect a very old thread with some new (old) footage.

    This dates back to 1994 and a clue, I'm the one in white overalls.


    Not many can say they've had Big Dazza commentating their sporting efforts :p
  5. I'm disappointed, no smart a... comments from anyone. Here I was thinking someone would pick on something on the video clip :wink:
  6. I'd LOVE to make a smart a... comment, but

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  7. yaa.

    if you'd care to fix it, i can begin ridiculing you :grin:
  8. Alright since you asked:

    No, not really.

    done :p