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Ever wonder why they have disclaimers on ads?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Ever wonder why advertisers have to add disclaimers like "Professional driver on closed circuit"? Well here it is. The complainant is Harold Scruby from the Pedestrian Council and this letter is freely available on the Pedestrian Council website.


    There are a heap of these responses on the website which beggar belief. I'll leave you to work out the context of this statement from Mr Scruby:

    [​IMG] :LOL:

    How is this related to riding - the same applies to motorcycle advertising, not that they need to advertise.
  2. Here's another pearler - just in case you were thinking about fitting rocket launchers to your car. Apparently the Pedestrian Council is taking a stand against rocket launcher fitted Jags! :LOL:

  3. Scuby is an idiot, and it's to our great advantage that the Advertising Standards Board is aware of this fact.........
  4. Sadly, this type of complaint is common. You may have seen on the telly an advert for the Hyundai Santa Fe 4wd, showing a baby grabbing the keys, taking the car to his equally young girlfriends place, then heading off to a remote beach for a surf? Well, this ad was withdrawn because of one complaint - the issue being that a baby driving a motor vehicle constitutes an illegally operated vehicle (ie: this couldn't happen on public roads), and the advertising code of practice precludes illegal driving being depicted on adverts for motor vehicles. Sad, innit?

    This was brought to my attention by my partner who is an account manager for a large advertising agency, and her client is a major car manufacturer based in Adelaide, this type of scenario being a constant battle for her. Even adverts that have been used for years, when they are sometimes dredged up and used again, people like Scruby chime in and carry on like these ads are solely responsible for global warming/spread HIV/support terrorism/all of the above.

    It's a beautiful world we live in...
  5. Very. Sad and pathetic. I mean, really...
  6. That ad still airs here in Melbourne. Maybe it's just SA that ....................Nah I won't say that :p :LOL:

    But it is still on here, I saw it twice last night.
  7. I think it comes down to an irrational man who is hell bent on doing whatever he can to make life hard for the car companies. And every now and then he chimes in on anyone else who uses the road on anything other than two feet. Like when he went to town on motorbikes not being able to be detected by speed cameras due to not having front number plates.

    From the looks of it, he has the motor vehicle advertising code of practice posted next to his TV and every time a new ad comes on he picks anything that could be slightly construed as breaching the code and fires off a letter to the advertising standards people. I mean, who in their right f%^&ing mind can't see that when a James Bond movie Jaguar, complete with rocket launchers, is being thrown around on some ice, that it is sufficiently displaced from reality that it won't encourage someone to go out and find some public ice, strap some rocket launchers(maybe ex-Army :roll: ) and let fly! He obviously needs to get a life.
  8. The truly sad thing is that lobby groups like the Pedestrian Council seem to capable of having greater impact on policy than say.... the MRA. Why is that.
    I was thinking of the old TV ad campaign "look to the right, look to the left, look to the right again....walk straight across the road blah blah blah". It seems these days that as soon as a pedestrian gets cleaned up crossing the road, it's the motorist's fault. What happened to the stupid f*#ks looking before crossing? why can't Scuby (doo) get cleaned up crossing the road. It's obvious that he's presence on earth is wasting oxygen that could be better spent assisting the combustion process in my new VFR!!! :grin: :grin:

    why don't cars and bikes come with a pedestrian disclaimer?
  9. :LOL: Doesn't need to be said...

    Maybe the ad's been revamped in some way (a disclaimer, perhaps?)
  10. Um, that IS his life, if you can call it that.

    I wonder how many people are actually involved in the PCA. His site lists lots of alleged supporters and patrons, many of whom I've never heard of, but how many people are current financial and active members?

    Some suggest that the PCA consists solely of HS and his fax machine.
  11. Just saw the "wayward wind" ad on TV. The Baby girl that he picks up is actually hitch hiking.....wouldn't that make her a pedestrian?
    Should I lodge a complaint regarding the illegalities of hitch hiking?
    should I cc Mr Scuby?
  12. I personally would like to thank Harold Scruby for his hard work and dedication.
    He puts a lot of effort into researching the topics he discusses, and is a picture of self-sacrifice - having no qualms about delving into terrible sweaty and smelly areas, devoid of sunlight, to find the statistics that we all need to be made aware of.

    I highly recommed his literary accomplishments, including:
    -Complaint Letter About a Harmless Ad #647
    -If I Was The Chief Executive Bossman Guy Who Controls The RTA...
    -I Walk, Therefore I Am... better than you.
    -Sex: No You Shut-up, I Think It's Overrated Anyway, I'm Not Lonely, ..Where Did These Tears Come From?
  13. the government has actually brought in legislation banning certain uses of vehicles in ads

    it all started happening a few years ago, ford was airing an ad showing their new falcon hooning around a high speed ring and holden was doing the thunderstruck thang, circle work in the field with the tornado

    no wheel spin, loss of traction, speeding or racing is allowed these days, though a few do seem to slip through (praise the lord)
    god-damn squares.
  14. f#ck I hate conservative minorities. How do they get so much power??? Everyone knows you shouldn't do what's on the ad, why do wankers like Scruby believe that ad's wouldn't suddenly deem this acceptable, like we're all a pack of morons?
  15. Perhaps we should complain about any ad in which a person is shown running along a footpath.

    After all, this is a dangerous activity fraught with risk to both the runner (they might trip) and anyone they collide with.

    Advertisers should be required to depict pedestrians behaving responsibly. Otherwise, they should be taken to task for promoting reckless behaviour that endangers innocent third parties.
  16. Idiots like Scruby are hoping they can produce the same result their predecessors achieved in the 70s when supercars from both Holden and Ford were killed off by an hysterical anti-speed campaign in the press....
  17. Actually saw a pedestrian council funded ad on TV the other night. Was targetting mobile phone use with driving and showed a driver reach for a phone that could be heard ringing only to produce a handgun instead. Now I just need to come up with a good reason to complain about it... :twisted: .
  18. damn straight. the death of the Human Spirit. "caution: hot contents" on coffee? don't god-damn warn them! Darwin is turning over in his grave, and Hunter is glad to be dead. Scientists have recently recorded a large decline in the levels of testosterone in men, and quite frankly i'm not surprised.

    thank God in this day and age it is still possible to speed down the highway at a hundred miles an hour, at 2am on a Monday night on a baby italian race-replica. Even the Man has to sleep some time (try as one might to wake the bastard up in the middle of the night, for kicks)
  19. That's due to the massive outbreak of Vaginitis. It's a serious pandemic.
  20. Can you believe that the whiners have won again and the ad is now banned in Melbourne. All I can say is Un-bloody-beliveable! :evil: