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Ever wanted a bike for no good reason?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Ever wanted a bike for no good reason?

    I have three things - a GSX1400 (daily rider), a CX500 (projectbike), and no money.

    My ultimate aim – a Guzzi or two.

    So the least sensible thing would be to buy a bike that stands in teh way of affording a Guzzi in due course. But.....

    What I find myself wanting, lately, just because….

    A CBR1000RR Fireblade– just so I can have that Repsol colours paint scheme.

    I LOVE those orange wheels…


    Although even better would be this paint, but with orange wheels…


    C’mon lotto !!!!
  2. I reject the premise.

    Wanting a bike IS good enough reason.
  3. Yeah I thought of that immediately after I hit "submit". :)
  4. I got a bike purely cause a mate at TAFE got one. Was jealous.
  5. who hasn't?

    the other day at a wreckers I saw a 68,000km '94 Fireblade. I've just bought the VFR but I WANT that Fireblade.....
  6. Saturday - I went to a Triumph dealer here in Brisbane and sat on a Bonneville, a Thruxton, a Speedmaster and an America.

    I decided that after LAMS (August) - I'm going to have a Bonneville for no other reason than: it appeals to me, it looks cool and I've always wanted one.

    While I'm at it, put me down for a Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940 as well :D

    Who needs a good reason :p
  7. I really want a tri colour limited edition VFR, wanted one for ages, before i even started riding. Hopefully when i get off Lams in like 3 years (nsw sigh) i will have restored my VFR400 tri colour to shiny condition, and can pick up an equally shiny tricolour 800 to go with it.

    Even though the 800 isnt really the most sporty bike, and is quite heavy, i just want it because i always wanted it, i think i will have to upgrade the suspension and brakes to make it more sports focused.
  8. someone here said recently that he's got a tri-colour that he hardly rides, wants $9,000 for it
  9. It looks good, it goes like stink but from an ownership point of view I'm not a 2 stoke kind of guy.

    (There is medicine to treat those of you that are....)
  10. Bretto61 I think it was
  11. I think it was, by golly!!

    (Nice Putty Road avatar BTW (y))
  12. I cant see any good reason to have any of the bikes mentioned above.
  13. I want a BMW 1200gs... just cos... and an sr500 cafe racer... just cos... and a Moto Guzzi Griso... just cos... and a Triumph Tiger 1050... you guessed it... just cos... and a postie bike, cos why not? ;)

    HONDA VT250Custom
  15. 'I want, I want, I want, whaaaaaaa!'

    I just got what I want and am extremely happy [/smug mode]

    Oh yeah, just to mirror what's already been said... No such thing as 'no good reason'
  16. I thought your answer would be-a Hyo.
  17. I thought your answer would be - a Hyo.
  18. #19 AngryAnt, Jul 9, 2012
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    For some daft reason I want a Buell. Even though I wouldnt touch a Harley with my ten foot pole. LOL

  19. A list of bikes I want.

    1. My Harley, love it. Just a fun little bike that fits me perfectly. Nearly a year I've had it and love riding it.
    2. An old Triumph. Build it into a bobber. Mid controls, flat bars, hard tail, glittery gold tins, solo seat, etc.
    3. A Wee-Strom. A friend just got one and set it up for touring, great bike.
    4. A Hayabusa.