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Ever seen someone carry bikes like this?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, May 25, 2012.

  1. It is Half way through the video.

    Ive never seen someone carry bikes like this before.

    maybe its just me. i dunno

  2. I've seen it a couple of times around our way - I've also seen two cyclists ride along wheeling a third bike between them. One had his right hand on the left handlebar of the centre bike and the other his left hand on the right handlebar. They were seriously holding up traffic in Lygon Street Brunswick on a Saturday morning.
  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to carry a puncture kit?

    Carry it like ya stole it!
  4. How could you tell? Like it moves anyway?

    But yeah, dipster cyclist central.
  5. Dude, your in Collingwood. Its stolen :)
  6. easiest way to steal two bikes... ride one and carry the other
  7. lol probly is
  8. The cops charged a motorcyclist for carrying a BBQ like that.
    Bet he doesn't get booked!