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Ever seen an Asian bum?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. I've only seen aboriginal and caucasian.

    You Never see any asians bum because we so succusseful

  2. That's because they have not enough money to leave. :bolt:
  3. Go to a pokies room. You'll see enough.
  4. Go to footscray you see them all the time.
  5. if you look at the appropriate fetish sites you will see more than just asian bums......

    i was staying at carlton crest in sydney and got asked for a dollar from an asian dude.
    they are there......
  6. What about indians?
  7. keeping it simple, appart from refugees, most people from a different cultural background come here to study, and kick ar5e at it. therefore they get jobs and pay bills and stuff.
    others that move here have come from a relatively strong financial bg because relocating isnt necessarily cheap.
    once we get in to 3rd 4th and 5th generation asian-australians (or indians) you will see more and more bums emerge.

    thats nothing official or from any book, just my onion.
  8. agreed.

    one thing i've noticed about asians is they're either really smart or very dumb.

    i had an asian domestic helper and an indian one and 2 indonesians. this is how dumb they are;

    *used my towel as toilet paper

    * used same sponge for toilet then dishes

    *couldn't put a sheet on my bed.

    *left bag of garbage on front doorstep 3 times

    the asian girl was ESPECIALLY dumb! she has a degree in architecture [a field she obviously failed at] when i asked her why she didn't work in the industry any more she said 'all they talk about is money'

    i can only assume that idiot cost them a lot of money. she was the dumbest of all of them and she was asian.

    there was no hope. she didn't have any common sense what so ever and my efforts to teach her simple things were proven to be utterly hopeless.
  9. asian bums mmmmm :dance:
  10. What made you put this topic up :?:
  11. i do like asain bums though!
  12. They have such cute little bums!....
  13. i could start talking about my ex's bum, quite a nice malaysiam bum indeed :D.

    but now she's off in the UK, a ccie working for a multinational and making a shedload of money, more power to her, she's happy :)
  14. i thought only woman were big on bums. [don't say it..please]
  15. :rofl:
    You are one of a kind, and utterly priceless, jax!
  16. Ever thought that maybe they're actually really smart....and just don't like you.
  17. no, they took it pretty hard when i fired them. they're just dumb and failing at a job that doesn't require much.
  18. I remember seeing a Rastafarian Chinese beggar at the Central MTR station in Honkers. He was living in a cardboard box and begging for $HK. Then one day I read in the SCMP that he'd been done for fraud as he was actually a property magnate. Who can you trust these days?

    Apart from that any other Asian bum I come across usually has a G string.
  19. Working in sydney city doing the highly "respectful" and "professional" job of "loss prevention" I have seen many an asian bum and heroin junkie and wino etc.

    On the note of pokies room, working at cabra-vale diggers, and fairfield mounties, the entire gaming area is asians, hitting machines as they realise their husbands/wifes will be rather poopy when they come home with no pay-pack.

    And a bloke I used to work with (filo) got arrested at work for "taking his belt off" so to say when he got home to find out his wife (agan, filo) had spent his entire pay in the pokies. again. bums come in many forms, one could say that I am a bum due to my affliction to alcohol, and I would be the first to say it, altho on the topic I am not an asian so it doesnt really count :p

    Just because you are asian or jewish or caucasian cross negro cross greek cross albanian cross kazakhstanian cross red-p-plater-fully-sik-pulsar SSS driver or whatever doesnt mean there isnt bums in your culture.

    edit: I had to rephrase something i said as im sure someone here would scream racist at me.
  20. the word racist has no definition [according to me]. only idiots use the word when they don't understand the issue being spoken about.

    a CULTUREST is a person who doesn't like certain cultures. when they speak negatively about certain races they are not slamming the indervidual but the culture.

    a REDNECK is a person who judges a person by the color of their skin and such morons mostly reside in the states.

    i would like to see the word racist removed because its a grade school level accusation.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.