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Ever Seen a morphsuit?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Exonoesis, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. A Time Laps i did with a friend, enjoy

  2. Most interesting Chess game I've seen, well done :)
  3. Seen one
    Bought one
    Wear one
  4. Legend, haha
  5. Seen some done to good effect at a rave once or twice. Outside of that I really don't think they have a place in society. Good for a laugh for a day but quickly gets old.
  6. I never get tired of watching time lapse vids for some reason. Anyway, nice go with some interesting things like the dog, the hat spinning etc. Really enjoyed watching it. Nice music too. Keep 'em coming.
  7. Very cool, I'm going through a making time lapse phase too, but haven't got so creative.

    Here are two I've done recently. I use lapse it on my samsung galaxy S2

  8. Love the 'Becs House' vid. Can I have the phone number of the guy with the pink pasties? :beer:
  9. He will just use you and take anything he can get to cover his nipples.
  10. I'd wear a morph suit but I think people would complain about their eyes burning out of their head. Fat and morph suit just don't work together IMHO.
  11. first thing to wearing a morph suit, dont admit you own one, that way no one knows it you
  12. There is no escaping Zentai. :'c