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ever seen a bike blown over by the wind?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pgauci, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    Just wandering, I ride every day in most weather and wenever the day presents very windy conditions I feel a little uncumfortable parking the bike in the full force of the wind at work. I keep looking outside and the bike does not seem to move at all. It is a GSXR and has all the fairings to catch wind.
    Question is. Is there anyone else out there with the same worries? Has anyone seen a bike topple over in these conditoions?
    Any info is appreciated.

  2. This is why I lay my bike down to park at all times. You can never be too safe.
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  3. Park it next to a wall...or hire a fat person to sit in it all day for you :D
  4. I have certainly heard of bikes being blown off the side stand. I've never heard of a bike being blown off a center stand.
  5. I once rode up to the top of Mount Wellington (Hobart) at the height of a SW-erly gale. Really bad idea. I had to park the bike resting against a concrete bollard to stop it blowing over, even against the sidestand.
    The mistake some people make is to park with the bike leaning into the wind.
  6. Plenty of instances of centre-stand bikes falling over, when they're parked in a row. The side-stand ones go 1st & takes out the centre-stand ones, like dominoes.
  7. remember st kilda road?
  8. Using a bike cover on a extremely windy day is asking for trouble as they can act like a parachute creating lift pushing the bike past its balance point.
  9. Yep I had my bike blown over from the wind. I had the side stand down, apparently that didn't stop the wind from blowing it over. Only had a bit of damage done to it, but lesson learned. I know park in a loading dock area at work if it's windy
  10. One more reason why centre-stand bikes are superior. Mind you, a friend parked his BSA on its centre stand in the emergency lane on the Calder to help an ailing Royal Enfielder, only to have it blown over by a passing truck.