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Ever ridden with a hangover?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. This is the 4th time this has been posted.
  3. many years ago i went for a ride with a Pre'hangover and hit a telegraph pole!

    And it's still funny.
  4. Ah mordeth..

    plug www.mordeth13.com

    I've ridden with a hangover before, several times. It SUCKS!
  5. It's even funnier if it happens when they're riding :twisted: .
  6. I have ALMOST spewed in my helmet. that would be nasty
  7. I've sneezed in there .... lucky my visor was up though :grin:
  8. I tend to ride better with a hangover :LOL:

    And yeah... love mordeth's style :LOL: :LOL:
  9. "who spat in my visor" -- red vs blue
  10. the problem would be owning that helmet for another 2 years and smelling spew every time you put it on.

    so the moral of the story is if you are riding hung over wear an open face helmet???
  11. Sorry!

    I hadn't seen it before :eek: Which means it's been floating around in the 14% of the internet I haven't seen until now.

    ... well approximately 14%

    ... I have seen terrible things :(
  12. Not nice

    I've sneezed with the visor down. Lung butter all over the place, not pretty. Had to pull over cause I couldn't see a thing.
  13. i often wander what i would do if i got a sneezing fit from hayfever

    :thank god for those little pink pills
  14. I rode back from Miles with a screaming hangover, only thing I could think of for a 5 hour ride, was every way imaginable to die on a bike, even remember telling myself to shut up inside my helmet.

    Unfortunate thing was the shop in Mies only sold panadols, not nuerofens. Those things do nothing for a hangover.
  15. I find the concentration required to ride a bike really distracts me from a hangover, so it's a great cure...

    ..anyhow.. for future reference, pain relievers will only mask the effect of a hangover headache, but will not assist in recovery, which is what you really need. The headache is caused because your brain dehydrates and shrinks and deforms the dura, the connection between the brain and the skull which has pain receptors, thus causing your headache. Instead of panadol or nurofen, what your really need is a couple of bottles of Gatorade or similar rehydration drink which will reduce the headache by rehydrating you, and actually doing your body good all over.
  16. Yep rode with hangovers twice in the last 2 weeks lol. Brisbane to Miles. Once was after NYE. Got to bed at about 0530 and rode home about 2pm. That felt really long lol. Then I did it all again the next w/e (w/e just gone) and it pissed down from Brisbane to just short of the range. Bucketing rain tends to wake you up pretty quick. I can't help it lol I've turned from a "normal" 30y/o into party crazed teenager again. It's great. Not the hangovers etc but the parties that cause em ;-)
  17. That must be why, when I used to do work for a health centre in the NT, the nurses would use a drip to recover from a hangover.
  18. I actually found that out the other week. Rocked to a meet hangover to the max, by the time we got to BB I was feeling a lot better.