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Ever ridden a motorcycle without injury?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by base2aau, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Hi so just got my learner and booked in for my Qride in a fortnight. I am just a bit concerned about safety I am in the market for something like a gs500 and I am just planning to ride 9 k a day to work in the city each day. I am not really interested in speed, and I am planning to be a "safe rider".

    I know a lot of mature responsible riders but but I not know of any riders that do not have steel in their legs or broken both wrists etc.

    I really want to ride and I want to rid for a long time, are these injuries inevitable or are there riders out there who have ridden for years without incident?

    I am already going to get enough crap for getting a bike, the last thing I need is family visiting me in hospital saying "See I told you this would happen!" Blah blah "They should call them donorcycle" blah blah blah
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  2. in a nutshell you ride to the conditions and make sure you use your awareness. It's all about harm minimisation so don't expect anything from other road users it's mainly up to you to make sure you don't get in a position to crash and to rid within your limits. It's not inevitable it's not likely but the risks of injury are higher if you come off. .
    (15 years one small incident)
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  3. 7 years, 100000 kms no injuries. I think you'll find this is the norm.
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  4. No not that I can recall. Certainly not since my rebirth and I can't remember ever having a significant fall in the old days.
  5. Yep look at the statistics, not what the media or your mother etc says. You are far far far more likely to go through your riding life without a scratch than with one
  6. If you are concerned about your safety stay out of it. If you ride with your mind set on "what if's" you will not be ready to act when something happens. No offense.
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  8. I really do think its possible for a hell of a lot of accidents to not happen.There seems to me a lot of people who drive cars who think nothing of little fender benders and drive accordingly.Lane changing without a head check or tailgating are the causes of every car accident I have had in 40 years of driving and riding.All other drivers faults.There little accidents cost drivers money,BUT similar accidents when a bike is involved get people hurt or worse.Trying to change this attitude in car drivers that do this stupid stuff is far from easy.You need to be aware and ride accordingly.I has a couple of big offs early in my riding history on big distance days when I was tired and did stupid things.Bin a long time since I rubbed the road,touch wood.Wear the gear,practise good technique,watch the bastards like a hawk,concentrate on the ride ,plan escape routes when it turns to shit.Good luck with commuting but take the time to have some fun on weekend rides on fun roads.
  9. Ignore the propaganda. You are not more likely to crash on a bike. However you are more likely to be injured IF you crash. There is a subset of riders who do crash more frequently. .. But there's also a lot who have ridden for many many years with no problems.

    While you are learning though it is likely you may damage your bike - not from crashimg but from inexperience in the handling of it. Things like simply moving around or getting on or off the centre stand can be fraught with danger until you're practiced. :)
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  10. Have been riding for nearly 40 years. In that time I have had one "driveway off", which was in essence, a gentle lay down. Injured my pride.

    No idea how many miles I've covered in those years, but it would be a fair few I would think.

    As others have said - ride to the conditions and you will generally be fine. I would throw in another point though - ride to your ABILITY and that's an added safety measure. Many incidents occur when talent runs out, but ambition keeps going.
  11. I would agree with all the above comments. Yes, you can ride without having an accident.

    35 years on a bike, with more off-road miles under my belt than on tar, yes I have come off a few times; however, looking back analysing my incidents, I guess there were things that I could have foreseen or done to avoid those crashes.

    I hear riders say, "there was nothing I could have done", I have even used this line; however, I am sure in 99% of these incidents there could have been.

    Take a look at the video footage on here, regarding near misses, most you can predict what is about to happen, perhaps slowing down, having more awareness of your surroundings etc..etc..
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
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  12. Been around bikes and bikers for 30 years and riding in my own right for 25 and the worst I've had is a few scrapes and bruises, a couple of cracked ribs and a minor concussion. I've got more scars from working on my bikes than ever I have from riding them :D.

    I know way more people with shitloads of metal in them from playing Sunday league sports than I've known with it from bike accidents.

    That's not to say that you can't get seriously banged up on a bike. Of course you can. But even if you do crash, the odds of the results being life changing or even more than a mildly unpleasant inconvenience are still fairly slim.
  13. Whatever you do, don't accept that an accident is inevitable.

    In fact, do what I do. Ride to prove all the negative nellies wrong.
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  14. "Not interested in speed" funny, wait till u ride a thousand ;-)
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  15. 1000 thats cute,...... but as for the question 20yrs of dirt and 10 on tar no more than a bruise
  16. 33 years on the road (legally ;) ) 8 years of dirt before that and 20ish years of dirt in total, a few bruises, a broken finger and a few cuts and scratches on the dirt, my first and only injury on the hard stuff was 5 months ago, a bruised AC joint after the front wheel slipped out on dusty shiny concrete at less than walking speed in a shed at work where we park our bikes
  17. i got sunburnt once but carry sunscreen
    go the spf 30 and you will be A ok
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  18. I have metal :(
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  19. Partner has been riding for 25-ish-yrs. [on and off road]. He hasn't broken a single bone on a bike.. Has just busted them doing typical boy stuff -.-

    Many of my other rider friends who have been riding the same amount of time as him, have either a] never had an off, or b] had a minor off, usually sprained ankle/etc.

    I've already had an off.. but my fault. :D

    Got sunburnt on the back of my neck once... Hurt every time I had to corner. :-( Don't forget the back of your neck! Lol
  20. Sweet Jesus! No one told me sunburn was a risk with motorcycling???

    I'm out guys, this is just too risky...
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