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Ever nodded from your car?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VFR750 IRYDE, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Never! I would not do such a thing!

  2. Yeah, guilty as charged.

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  1. I do it sometimes. I forget I'm in the cage and offer a nod to a passing biker, who usually doesn't notice, or thinks (correctly) that I'm a complete w@nker.

  2. I do, when I am not driving.
    Try not to at lights incase they think I wanna drag
  3. I give 'em the nod. They tend to nod back.
  4. :WStupid:

    too many years to break the habit now :oops:
  5. I nod by habit when out on my road pushbike sometimes - never get a nod back though!
  6. Generally you would recieve a 'return' if you nod at another cyclist though :grin:
  7. i nod at bikes when im in the car, on the odd ocassion i get one back, most dont know wtf is going on :LOL:
    on the psuhy alot, and all cyclists get one, most reply.
    with a fairly kitted out bike, and some specilised clothing, the elitist lycra club generally nod back.
    when i was on the old pushy, in boardies n a tee, they never nodded, wankers :LOL:
    also nod to motorcyclists, had a couple returned, most dont generally look though.
  8. yep, and feel foolish afterwards!

    Also had a nod from a pushy rider out near lysterfield lake while on the mighty virago (ha!) one sunday arvo...i was surprised, but i nodded back of course!
  9. I have done this, but I have done it the other way as well, because my cage isnt much of a cage it's a mazda mx5 and most mx5 drivers have a wave thing that happens (except for the ones that drive new mx's, snobs) I have waved to mx5's when on the bike, this is usualy returned by blank stares and me laughing at myself

  10. Once had the opposite happen, a passing bike nodded at us - guy on a 636 rode by with me and my friends all watched him pass in awe. Made our day ^^
    (this was before we had our licences)
  11. You would think that if you nod to bikes when your in the car, the person on the bike would realize your a rider.

    I'll check out a bike when im in a cage and get a look from the rider and then i nod, they usually nod back, Id assume they drive also and realize its a biker saying G'day.

    Then they know at least one car on the road with them it looking out for them.
  12. Apparently caravan owners have a wave as well, but only between the same make of caravan :LOL:

    A lot of Harley and Triumph riders around don't acknowledge a nod form a road biker I've noticed. They must be too busy trying to maintain the 1000 yard stare through their sunnies.
  13. The problem with nodding when you're not on the bike is you can't tell if the other guy is being friendly or just giving you the get a life(bike) stare then riding off.

    I've felt silly on more than one occassion with my insesscant nodding :oops:
  14. Yeah, I've done it quite a few times. Have no problem with it.
    The only thing that concerns me is when I approach traffic in the wife's car ...... and see an opening to start filtering traffic :shock:
  15. :LOL:

    I've had to do a double take with the same problem myself one or two times.

    I've got the netrider sticker on my pos 84 mazda, maybe I should have put it on the front instead :wink:
  16. Yes I occasionally do said nod. That doesn't concern me - the accidental nod I've been doing - is nodding at police cars! what the f*** - why am I doing this? I'm worried they are going to think I'm giving attitude.... I on the other hand have no reason why?? :?
    edited to clarify: I am talking about being on my bike and nodding at police cars... :roll:

  17. Hehehehehee! I've done that too! :p
  18. Out in the bush we nod and wave at everything, dunno how we keep control of our vehicles sometimes. :p

    In the city - only if I'm acknowledging someone letting me in or something like that.
  19. have nodded to bikes while driving.

    even stuck my arm out and gave the " indicators on" hand open/closing signal to a bike rider behind me..

    at the next set of lights he pulled up beside me and asked what i rode..

  20. My wife asked me what I was doing the other day while I was driving her cage, and my instinctive response, "Looking at the gap"!
    Needless to say her response was WTF?!@#