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Ever lost your temper on the road ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamvinhy, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. share your stories :p

  2. Not on the bike. Worst I've done on the bike is slow down when someone is tailgating me, and wave at them when they scream through their window.

    Done a little worse in the car, but these days I avoid getting uptight on the road, so I usually just laugh and say "typical Holden driver." ;)
  3. yeh haha .. alot of them in syd too
  4. Never lost it, but found it many, many times.

    Like Bill Murray said in Groundhog Day: "Don't drive angry"

    ..and the bit that got cut finished as: "Unless it is some dumb fcuk-er in a car using their mobile while having a wank and reading the paper, then kill the fcuks"

    Very angry man that Bill Murray.
  5. ahahahah !!
  6. I've sat on a cage's ar5e revving the engine and sounding the horn all the way down the transit lane one morning (Ba5tard was only occupant talking on his cell phone the whole way)... felt gooood
  7. More than once,but the most meorable was about 4 months ago,was up on Mt Dandy(Mountain hwy) coming down the hill,come round a blind right hander hairpin,as i come out of it i see a Commondore on the wrong side of the road passing a line of cars,lucky i was only doin about 40ks as he just managed to get back on the right side of the road barely missing me :shock: usually i'll just shake my head and have a whinge to someone about it,but this time i dropped a Ubolt and went after him.Caught him at the top waiting to turn onto Mt Dandy Tourist Rd,as luck would have it his passenger window was open :D
    I proceed to start abusing the bloke asking him WTF was he thinking and the likes when i notice he had 2 little kids in the back!! :shock: This just inflamed me even more,i couldnt believe that he would risk his kids life like that!! :evil: Abused him some more about his absolute stupidity for endangering little kids to which he challenged me with "and how fast were you going?" Like ffs,the arseholes on the wrong side of the road with 2 kids in the car and he thinks my speed was somehow the cause of the problem!! :roll: Anyway,to end the argument he just pulled out in front of traffic to get away,god damn moron. :evil:

    As you can tell,im still not happy about this little incident. :x Rant over. :D
  8. I occasionally give people a "what the hell were u doing" kinda wave, but no point getting cut at people...

    dont know why, but I've found sitting up and putting left hand on hip while slowing down about 10km/h tends to stop tailgaters :D
  9. only once on the bike.was following the missus ( she's a learner) up the monash from pakenham to the sth gippy turn off. on on the way up the hill just before the turn off a 4wd pulls out to overtake.my girl is doing smack on 100 4wd wouldn't go over 101 to get around and so the bloke behind me starts to get really pissed off. overtakes me in the emrgency stopping lane pulls back in between me and the missus nearly hitting her and continues on into the rightnearly clipping the bullbar on the 4wd. i thought wtf chased this clown abused him as much as possible at 120 and planted my mx boot fair in the middle of his door. what a p#@ck
  10. Last week a car almost merged lanes straight into me, so I started honking and waving. Anyway, 1 km down the road the same biatch almost merged into me again and shit I was pissed off... I was just about to break off her side mirror (yes i was well pissed off) when I realised that she hadn't heard my honking this time and so I had to slam on the brakes just to not get hit myself. It was such a close call that I had to pull over to pull myself together

    Another time I was riding at night down some dark and very narrow backstreets on my way home. I saw a single light coming towards me and I thought "this is ok, it's just another bike, we'll easily pass each other"... anyway, turns out it was a car with a dead left hand headlight and I only realised at the last minute and managed to get out of the way. The prick didn't even slow down for me and so I chucked a u-turn and went back and harrased him. The guy couldn't have cared less and i almost keyed his car but got control of myself and just rode off
  11. i dont usually react i just shake my head.
    one guy tryed to start me one day for no reason at the lights.
    just shook my head didnt give the satisfaction of a response.


    i get tailgated on the m1 when im already doing 11kms over the limit by impatient pricks all the time.
    best reaction left hand on hip, making fists
    or (Stupidly) testing out their brakes.
    body language is always good and a lot more noticable on a motorcyclist. (specially whne you look oh so scary in all black :twisted: )

    one lady driver was very impatient and carving up traffic and seemed to always leave at the same time as me on the highway. quite frustrating to see someone drive so erractically day in day out, always being 2 car lengths ahead or behind of you. would love to have a chat to her one day......
  12. Lost my temper no , get frustrated , yes , often . The times i have been nearly taken out i dont have time to get angry . Apart from filling my pants and my heartbeat increasing i just thank god that i was aware enough to avoid it .
  13. i'll tell you what - you're doing 125kms and knobs are still trying to slipstream you! I find it hard to look at my speedo because it's two foot below my head - what's their excuse? :evil:
  14. its pathetic how stupid some cage drivers are on these roadz.. no respect for others -_-"
  15. ROAD RAGE!! I mastered it. Nowadays though a lot calmer. Must be getting older and wiser.. lol :D
  16. Hey ever seen the movie Anger Management?
    Well the concept is good but does not always work,
    It like the coffee cup that the boss of my first ever job in grade 10.
    Is when the mind over-rides the bodys basic urge to choke the living sh*te out of some *sshole who despetately deserves it."

    Road rage was the topic?
    I have come close, like today,
    I still wonder what the sound is when a carbon fibre reinforeced, kevlar lined gloves goes thru a drivers side window.
    A good mate dropped into my place one friday arv after work for beers,
    His left hand very bruised and slightly cut, had just taken a drivers side mirror off a 2003 (was new at the time) Falcon.
    And was in need of a cold beer, and some one to tell him that he did not incure bad karma for putting the f*cking *sshole in his place who had tried to put him and his ZX9R into the centre concrete divider.
    He took out the mirror no gloves,
    was really pissed off.
  17. ever lose my temper? NO! it's not worth it! i figure it's just too dangerous to lose your NUT, especially while on a bike! frustrated, SHIT YEAH! today-1st time, two incidents, no less on the same stretch of road- was cruising along when this old guy decided to pull out right in front of me. lucky i anticipated this. HE was just totally oblivious.he also forgot to close his door and as he took the turn his door opened right up-kinda funny, really! gave him a big burst of the horn, overtook him and sat infront of him at the lights. the 2nd incident: car on my left, me moving up and he decides to merge into my lane. see his indicators and back off. prick didn't see me until i honked him. he gave me a wave, i shook my head.