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Ever Lane split past a horse?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. There was a carriage in the city with two horses, probably very well trained and adjusted to traffic, but I couldn't bring myself to split past them even though there was ample room - didn't want to freak out the buggers. That and the bloke, er, operating them had a whip and I didn't know if I'd cop one from him if I did.

    Any one had similar experiences?

  2. having worked with horses quite a bit in my youth, im all to aware of what a horse will do INSTINCTIVELY when something enters the rear of its peripheral vision at speed.
    you cant scrub 100,000 years of getting chased by carnivors with 4000 years of domestication.

    smart chioce! horses will kick at something that spooks em!

  3. Just treat them like a Harley.

    They both have about the same maximum speed :).
  4. No way, I'll even slow and cut the revs as much as possible if i see horses being ridden along the side of the road.... I might add its very common up around here :evil: :LOL:

    I've been on a horse that has been spooked by a bike, and it takes alot to bring em back under control. Therefore I dont want to be responsible for some rider/kid breaking their neck falling of a horse that I spooked. :?

    Most will wave or nod a thankyou as you pass. I even had one mum blow me a kiss :oops: She had quickly jumped of her mount to get a good grip on her kids horse's reins as well. Both horse's barely twisted their ears as I coasted past :)
  5. I'm with you Bob. No point being an ar&*hole when you can make friends.
  6. FTW! :LOL:
  7. crackup. @ Haggismaen
  8. x2. Even if I'm overtaking a car that has horses in a trailer behind it, I'll go around wide, and slowly and quietly (well, as much as is possible).
  9. Never lanesplit past one, but did get a nod from form the driver of a horse and cart last year up in the Scheyville NP... That was cool.
  10. I have passed em relitivly close, but always at low speed with the throttle down real low.

    The hourses on those carts around town and prety docile.

    When passing a hourse and rider on the open road though I also keep a good distance, Don't want some stupid animal shying and tossing its rider in front of you.
  11. They both have 1 horsepower?
  12. Everytime I see a horse being ridden, I pull the clutch in, shut the throttle, and coast past as quietly as possible. I've ridden horses on occasion, and yes, they do get spooked.

    They're animals, and they're big, and they can hurt people when they get scared. Don't be a jerk around horses, and no, I would never ever lane-split past a horse.
  13. so if the horse hit you, can you sue the rider for negligent driving?
  14. I am very cautious around horses. They are particularily spooked by pushies.

    I am however reconsidering. The worst offenders for overtaking us really closely when we are training on country roads seem to be big 4wds towing horse floats. Sometimes within inches, often at 100 kph, and always with the road completely clear and no reason at all to be a pr$%k. So maybe we should show em exactly the same consideration.

    I dunno what that is to do with? Lots of the same horsey people who go out of thier way to be nice to us when we meet riding are the most dangerous people we meet on country roads. I,ll have to remember to ask.
  15. Tell me about it!
    I split past a horse-drawn carrriage on the pushy a few years ago. Two horses - the outside one rears up and towards my path. I veer out around, only to slip the skinny front wheel into a tram line and thump, down I go. Next thing I'm looking up at a friggen Clydesdale up on it's back legs above me.
    Fortunately the hooves came down just short of me, but I still nursed crack ribs for a while.
    Don't do it.
  16. you clutch in, pull up right behind them and then honk I think.....