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Ever had someone try and follow you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Long story short, I filtered through some traffic, the bogan in a 4WD at the front didn't like it and tried to squish me into the car next to him. I got pissed off but rather than start some shit I decided to take my anger out on the throttle since i was pulling onto the M2 anyway. I smashed it to 200 for a few secs, pulled into the left lane into the stream of traffic and went back to cruising along running what just happened thru my head a few times trying to think "was that guy trying to fcuk me over? or is he just incredibly stupid". Anyway next thing I look in my rear view and there he is. He must have weaved his way thru the traffic to get up behind me..

    If he was genuinely in a hurry, he'd have kept going not pull in behind me right? So I pulled out and overlook 10 or so cars then pulled back into the left lane. A minute later there he is behind me again. I take my exit and he takes it aswell. I move across to the far left lane which is empty because its the "you've gotta merge straight away" drag strip lane. He follows me into that lane. I sat at the lights and could see his wife was in the car having what looked to be an argument with him. I realised that he thought that he was intimidating me and that I was running from him. So I took off extra slow and just cruised along at 10km under the limit with him ghosting me. After a few minutes he turned off.

    I don't know what that bs was supposed to be, all I can put it down to was some half assed attempt at intimidating a bike rider. I'm still confused now.


  2. I've been chased by young idiots in their car.... ended up pulling onto the footpath and turning around quickly and going the other way :roll: :evil:
  3. Geez some people!

    See I've been on the road for about 6months now, and until about a month ago, had really only travelled on back roads to learn. I've found most drivers to be fairly courteous to me so far (probably as a result of the huge "L" hanging off the back of my bike). The only problem I've had is the occasional car following too close.

    Must say though.. does tend to be those in the "Toorak tractors" that follow too close..

    Well, just glad you didnt end up having an accident because of his stupidity.
  4. Yea a pair of tools in a commodore, real knobs they had lights all over the thing even the head lights were flashing! I thought I could here a siren in the distance so I just gunned it to get out of the way and these idiots tried to follow me, so I just nailed it for the next few k's and that was the last I heard of them, oh well.
  5. Asshats are everywhere. On the way back to work after lunch I was crusing along and at a sidestreet there was a car wanting to turn out, with plenty of visibility and distance to see me. This car then pulls out, ok no biggy as the car has pulled into the left lane and I'm in the middle, so I'll move to the right lane so it'll be fine. But no, the car moves to the very right lane in one fast movement! Fker! So I hit the brakes hard. Am geared too high to continue to accel so I have to shift down 2 gears to get back up to some power.

    I get into the lane next to the car and see that its some biatch with holding a phone in one hand, the wheel in the other. So I beep her as I overtake and try to give the 'use your eyes' motion but she wasn't even aware of me now, despite that I was now in front of her. If I hadn't been in a hurry I would have followed her to some traffic lights and told her how she had nearly caused an accident.

    A few minutes later, someone else does the exact same thing, but I had more time to brake rather than only having time to evade.
  6. i had a taxi nearly take me out ( within 1 mtr ) then the guy laughed at me about it and told me to fcuk off. since i was on my XR-250 i was wearing moto x boots. a big dent in his side door and i was off. he tried to follow. thank god i was able to get that thing off the road and onto a sports pitch....i cut right across to the other side and was 800 mtrs going the other way on another road.

    yes, i know, very stupid on my part, not something i'm proud of. aaaahh, youth....
  7. haha hearing that made my day. sounds like back in the day when we used to blat around gil causing havoc.
  8. :p :p :p
  9. A little different from OT but I have this older guy (maybe 40) always try to follow me and catch up to me for a chat. He rides a little virago, its annoying as hell.

    I roll past like I dont see him, and as soon as I turn the corner as he is turning around I ark it up and do a series of elaborate turns around any corner i can find to lose him. Happens almost weekly.

    When he waits at my parked bike I have no option than to talk to him... He has beaten me at the waiting game (me waiting for him to nick off before coming out of hiding) more than once so I just take it for the team now.

    I hate small towns.
  10. I once had a guy (cap on backward) in a lowered shitbox swerve into my lane and then back into his again. I saw him coming, and after my initial "what the fcuk" I started feeling sorry for him (I rekon life must be pretty hard if you're retarded...)

    It looked like he was driving something he'd put alot of money into and probably wouldn't want to dent... 30 seconds later he had turned around and was following me, but shortly after that turned off to go hoon somewhere else.

    I'm still more worried about people who aren't looking or don't see me or who are driving while talking on mobile phones (rather than those trying to intimidate)...
  11. Maybe he just liked the exhaust note from your bike?
  12. There's thousands of them out there. When I was a learner, I had a mum with a tribe of toddlers in the back of her family wagon take offence to being split past and had her chase me all around St Kilda trying to mow me down, doing 100 down Fitzroy street, through red lights, the lot.
    Better get used to it, stay calm and learn how to split to where they can't get you. Easy peasy. :wink:
  13. Closest i have had is i filtered to the front, and as the lights went green the guy in the corolla behind me arched up his wheels. I could hear the big screech. By the time his wheels gripped i was already on the other side of the intersection with the throttle wide open. I figured he was mainly an idiot because if i was slow on the throttle he would have knocked me off the bike. I always feel sorry for people who can't control there anger as you can tell they are the kind of person where something small like a bike filtering past them probably plays on there mind for ages. My moto has always been don't waste your time thinking about things that wont make a difference anyways! Might as well enjoy the day than be angry 20 minutes after someone cut you off.
  14. I've had a few try to follow me but I'm taken.
  15. I had all sorts happen to me when I was on my L's, the bright yellow L plate did nothing to deter people from beeping me if I was a little slow to take off at the lights, or cutting me off (happened many times, incl taxis...grrr taxies!!!), of tailgaiting me big time at the Dandenongs. Seriously, some people are selfish, inconsiderate bleep heads. :evil:

  16. Yeah, people will try following you to intimidate.

    Try to turn the tables on them...., Head fgor the footpath and stop. They'll go past cause they won't have the balls to stop and chat. As they go past, pull out and follow them. They tend to keep going faster until they cop a speed camera or you get bored. Either way it's worth it for the giggle. :)
  17. I gave a guy the finger because he got on the horn at me for letting a truck merge (had no choice). Next thing he's chasing me in his van, I split through at the lights (25 yr old SR185), and I hear a scream 'cause he's got out of the van and is running after me. Ran the red and hid behind a gate. Seriously, there are fruit loops out there (and as mentioned plenty of them are Mums in family cars). Best to try to ignore them, be non-reactive on the road (and if you can get yourself into a less reactive head space it troubles you less). I find it quite scary, being on a motorcycle around these people who drive cars and can't control their ridiculous rage... Thought about having a weapon on the left of bike to show off (never to use), but you just gotta do it to the wrong psycho once and you're a hood ornament...
  18. Should have ghosted him back and seen what he did.

    I love ghosting! Maybe not on the bike but walking ghosting. lol Hamish and Andy for the win!
  19. Couple of days ago I was tailed by a silver Audi wagon with black guards, fairly new ish with some 35 - 40 year old tradesman he was right on my back wheel, looked like 30 to 45 cm I have no idea what set him off, he was in traffic when I was filtering down (if that’s all it was he’s a f'ing a'hole)

    Anyway he then got around me and yelled something so I blew him a kiss after tapping my head (universal sine for use your brain) then he violently swerves at me then pulls in front of me right as I was stopping for lights. Bugger that, I go around and stop in front of him, lights turn green and I take off as fast as my little two fiddy can go, but this thing is right on my ass!!. Mind you the rest of the traffic is about 200 M away and I’m going 30k's over the limit down Mtn Highway in boronia and this jerk off is still right on my rear wheel, next set of lights he pulls up on my right and winds down the passenger window I lean over and tell him what a genius I think he is when he SPITS ON MY FACE!!!! so I get as angry as i get (which isn’t very) and start telling him bikers are a brotherhood and I’ve got lots of bikie friends who will all be looking for his car (with my finger pointing at him).

    He grabs at my hand as the lights go green so I take off only to have him follow me again this time 20 over the limit before I decide to try ignoring him, I slow down and he comes up next to me swerving at me and sharing my lane, next set of lights I’m in front of him again and take off at the same speed as the rest of the cars because there is a truck pulling out up ahead, then I fly off one side of it he goes the other then when I pass it I’m looking left to see if he’s coming and he comes past it looking at me then swerves across 2 lanes half way in to my lane, I was in the left hand side of the lane btw, so I had to swerve to the right to avoid him.. As you can imagine I’m thinking this guy is totally f'ing crazy and I don’t want to be anywhere near him, BUT now we come to another red light, we had come from the KFC on mountain highway to the last set of lights on the way up to sassafrass, he stops next to me and take off his belt.. I put it in neutral and put the side stand down just inc case I need to get off (I don’t want a fight cuz I don’t know what will happen to the bike and I don’t wanna risk it!!) he gets out and start screaming at me to get off the bike all I do is yell back at him saying "you got kids, a wife? What! you beat the shit outta them don’t you, your a fcuking loser" this made him loose it, he grabbed for my helmet with one hand taking hold of the bit that covers your mouth, this ripped the nose guard out then he lets go and goes for the keys, then the lights go green and he gets back in his car.. (yes this is getting long!)

    I wait for him to take off cuz now I really want his rego for the cops but he wont take off, so i move forward to get the front and he does the same, he wont let me near it.. what the fonze the people behind us are thinking is anyone’s guess but nobody was helping. so I take off heading to sassafras as he’s yelling that he’s going to follow me home. After the second round about he turns around and leaves...

    I asked the cops if I’m legally allowed to hit him and if it will cause me problems with the law and this is what I was told.

    Its an offence to spit on someone its called "Assault by spitting"
    And if you’re in fear of your life you can be the first to attack.
    But being tall and broad shouldered the magistrate will look at it very badly if you knock them out or cause any serious injury.

    but like wtf.. if your going to get bashed you want to knock the other guy out so you can be safe...

    F'ing laws suck.

    So if you know a buy who is a tradesman who drives a Silver Audi (A6 maybe A4 not too sure) station wagon and was working Sunday the 21st hes got dark brownish hair cut short and is a bit podgie around the mid section early 40's or around there. Let me know if love to have a chat when i don't have the bike to take care of.
  20. What a wa#k@r!

    I had an incident with some nut in a white VT(like) commodore following me, only I was on foot. I was heading back to a mates place after having a kick of the football in the park 5pm on a Saturday, as we started crossing a local street, this clown in the commodore drives past us (on the other side of the road) and a projectile just misses my head! we looked around and realised that it was a six-pack can holder.

    We thought how bloody random, having someone in a car throw something at us, I mean what did we do to provoke him?

    We see the car drive away and turn down another street 300m away, didn't think to get his rego.
    30 seconds later he pulls out of a street just in front of us, stalker!, does a u-turn, pulls over and demands "What, have you got a f*$kin problem?", "What's your f&#kin problem c^nt"
    My mate yells back at him that we're going to call the cops, he replies with something like "Yeah, call the f&@$in cops c%nts", gets into his car and drives off.

    Wish I got his details. Drinking on the roads, throwing stuff out of the car at people, looking to beat up people he finds on the streets... loser