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NSW ever got a speeding ticket in the mail ( not from speedcam )

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. without going into the details here has anyone ever been given a speed ticket via the mail, if the police car possibly involved was unmarked and did not pull you over at the time of offence?

    also no speed cameras present roadside, and i was not pulled over at the time.....
  2. yeah all the time
  3. I'd ask for proof. THEY are accusing YOU, and you need to know why they are doing so.

    Take it to court and ask how/when/where your speed was measured. If it was from his car speedo, ask to see evidence of it's callibration. Ask what the road conditions were, weather and if these conditions could ever affect his cars speedo. Also ask when a car was ever approved as a speed measuring device.

    Well, you get the idea.
  4. yeah, ask for proof.

    but, yes, they can and do do it all the time.
  5. I've delivered quite a few. Noosa rivers speed limit drops on public holidays and there is only one sign stating that at the main boat ramp. Sucks.
  6. Yes, happened here when a group of riders overtook a police boat they got done for passing over double lines and speeding, received in the mail.
  7. Oh har har haw. Boats and jet ski's. We get it all up here. They even have a radar on the beach tagging all the 4wd'ers going up the north shore.
  8. well here's hoping it doesnt arrive in the mail.

    blue holden down south near ulladulla in left lane wanted to change into right hand lane. i waved him in for about 100 metres, but no lane change by driver. so i zip past then get into left lane once passed. car then speeds up parallel next to me.....i couldn't see but i swear driver in car holds something up to tinted window ( badge? camera ? )...then drives off, i slow down to under limit....you try to do someone a favour and they crap on you.....
  9. if that's all, my bet is you won't receive anything.
  10. doubt youd get anything, these silly buggers love playing jokes and keeping people in suspense :).
  11. if he was gonna book you he would of there and then. I have received a fine in the mail but only after being stopped and details taken then he said its a dangerous roadside area and he will write it up later
  12. Hmmm,
    I'm wondering this too.
    I took a joy ride out to see the sunrise this week. Was followed closely by a marked car for a little while. I might have been a bit over the limit, just crusing, not hooning.
    I didnt realise it was a police car until it turned off and I didnt have a mirror full of headlights. So I got a quick look and saw it was a marked car I had passed earlier, when he had someone pulled over.
    Just keeping an eye on the mail box, no stress, easier than waiting for the GF to give the all clear.
  13. Usually takes 3 - 4 working days.
  14. I received a fine in the mail but only after the officer pulled me over but wanted to do further checks before he decided the severity.

    If they don't pull you over you won't get anything.
  15. I must admit, I've NEVER heard of coppers just sending fines without pulling people over & taking details (liscence, car rego etc...).

    Seems very unusual to me!
  16. I haven't necessarily heard of them doing it either, though have definitely seen HWP set up at the entrance to the airport at General Holmes Dr next to the servo and maccas. One would hold the radar while the other took down plates. It's impossible to pull cars over there so I assume fines got sent out after.
  17. Bloody sneaky isn't it!

    I'd still take it to court. Ask for the records etc as this method just OOZES with the possibility for human error! I mean one copper taking readings AND dictating number plates (as the car/bike drives away- IN traffic!!) & ANOTHER 'writing' them down? Who's to say that his zero's didn't look like a nine, or his number one looked like a seven???
  18. I foresee a big increase in this type of thing up here in Queensland too with the imminent deployment of 70+ Trucam lasers on our roads. The idea seems to be to allow police to enforce speeds where it is not possible to deploy a full speed camera van, and/or unsafe to have immediate interception. Like for motorbikes in the twisty roads, just let them go, you have the video evidence, or police on overpasses videoing speeders and sending tickets in the mail.
  19. how do they know who was riding the bike?