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Ever gone for a ride and thought WTF?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Samboss260, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Ever gone for a ride and thought "wtf, that was a crap ride?"

    I mean, nothing came together, not so smooth gear shifts, poor take offs and terrible corner setups.

    It probably wasn't as bad as what it was, but it certainly felt that way. It has been 2 weeks since on the bike and I was desperate to go for a ride and only had half an hour late this afternoon, so off I went and now I feel shithouse !!

    Anybody ever have those rides?

    That's fairly common. No surprise. But you have to recognise it early to adjust your riding to suit.
    Or even go home. But certainly you must recognise it.

    Tell me one activity you do, which is spot on, every single time!?

    My option...practice...make the day worth while or call it quits and go home.
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  2. Yes, don't worry everybody has those days. The more experience you get the less often they happen and the level of errors drop. The other side of the coin is those days when everything is on song, corners are smooth and throttle control is spot on, gear changes are tight and at the best points.

    But when you are having a bad day sometimes it is better to just go home if you can.
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  3. I'm constantly going through it at the moment having had a year off a bike and going from an 1800 cruiser to a 1200 sports tourer. I feel like a complete hack almost all the time.
  4. Yeah, that is exactly what I did, just came home. Everything felt horrible, so I'm happy to get home in one piece. Will go for another ride tomorrow night and see how it goes.....
  5. You'll be better on Wednesday. You'll have more time to think about your ride (instead of cramming it into a spare half hour), time to "warm up" your techniques, and some company to respond to and take a lead from (or lead them). We all have days when we shouldn't be riding but time and experience thins them out. But letting the first error cause the second and then having them compounded by a third, and so on, is a self-fulfilling problem that requires some stern mental effort to overcome. I've seen you ride, and I know you have that right attitude, but it's harder to find when you're tired, rushed or getting overloaded with what's not working, instead of pulling your focus back to what is working. As we've discussed before, it this was easy, everyone would do it! Wednesday should be a good chance to take it a bit easier and get smooth again. As I say, you have the right stuff to work with.

    See you then,

  6. Cheers Peter. I guessed in hindsight I was forcing myself to ride because I haven't ridden for two weeks and wanted to warm up before Wednesday. But I think it wasn't meant to be today....
  7. yup I have those days sometimes where you just don't enjoy yourself for one reason or another, then there are the days where I can't wipe a big dumb grin from under the helmet and am laughing like a madman half the time.
  8. Yes of course but then there are good days. I think the pressure can be too much to do every single thing right and then the ride becomes unenjoyable too. I know I improved much more then I focussed on improving just one thing at a time and tell myself that if I have improved one thing from a ride, then I am happy, even if that means knowing what I need to work on. Any mistakes will be something to improve on next time, which there will be plenty of! Chin up!
  9. Have a few goes on a fast game on your playstation before going out...ha ha get the mind up to speed first.
    Go over your routine.
    Mono down the street
  10. I find it can happen to me when out early morning. Mind is just very agitated and can't get my corners planned properly in my head. Normally takes one run through or half a valium to get myself sorted.
  11. If its not flowing, dont push it.................if your tired or not up for riding then dont push yourself.

    I did this mistake once and came off.
  12. Yep, happens every time I have a long break between decent rides. It takes a good few hours in the saddle, either a long day of several shorter ones.
    It pays to start out slow and work your way back into a rhythm.
  13. I have these days, it can be frustrating but try not to think about it too much or you'll lose sleep.
    Next ride try and ease into it and focus and doing one thing really well. This helps me relax and usually it all comes together.
  14. Yep.. not that I ride a power machine.. and am only I'm only 4 weeks new.. at one point my name could have been changed by deed poll to Leeomgwhatash*ttyridethatwas... but then it all seemed to come back in line the next day (y)
  15. Yep, certainly have. Depending on why I'm on the bike will depend on what I do about it. If I'm out by myself for a fun ride and it's just not happening, I stop for a coffee and try again, failing that I go back home and just take it easy. If it's the daily commute, I try for the quieter route and take it really easy. If it's a group ride, I go 'tail end charlie' and take it really easy.

    The key is to just take it easy.
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  16. Wouldnt worry about it too much....I was the shittest of the shit...still get shit days...but they are far in between these days...and even if i start out shit...after a few ks, i get my groove back...c u wendnesday...
  17. I had one of those days a few weeks after getting my L's. Hadn't stalled in the pre-leaners course, hadn't stalled the bike at all since owning it, and then I was having an bad day, and stalled three times in not very many kilometers... I've only been riding for about 6 months now, but maybe once a week or once a fortnight I have a day when things don't come so naturally to me, or I'm not going well. I don't feel nice and "smooth" and "fluid" and it pisses me off when this is happening.

    I think its the same for bikes, uni, work whatever. People have bad days sometimes!
  18. Well, now you know that the feeling passes, as you proved on our Wednesday ride. You did right to acknowledge it but you needn't let it rule you. Keep doing what you're doing and those days will become fewer and fewer.
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  19. Confidence plays a major roll in riding.
    If you head out for a ride, allow yourself a little time to get the bike under you. If you don't and you get caught out, it can undermine your confidence, making it even harder to get settled. If you keep pushing it and keep kicking your confidence in the teeth, you can experience long term effects from this.

    Returning home is good, but if you need to keep going, then slow down a bit, and ride well within your limits to preserve your confidence, for later that day if things start to come together, or you have a slower ride, maybe focussing on practicing your next thing to learn.

    BB, will get you sorted, if the disconnect continues over a few rides.

    As an FYI, I have experienced a few temporal shifts where I had to hold short of my full speed pace for a few months...really did a number on my confidence, and I tried everything to break free of it without any success. I could still ride ok, but could not get back to what was my level of riding.

    I asked riders that I knew at my level and several above mine, and we were all a bit lost about what was happening with me, but nothing I seemed to try was working...

    Then, completely by accident one day, it all clicked back into place. Everything was always still there, I just couldn't unlock the door and make the connection. So I stopped trying to pick the lock and instead, I kicked the bloody door in and ripped it off it's hinges!!(metaphorically speaking.)
    I was back!! :) And I found myself riding at a new level as well!
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