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Ever get that "don't ride today" feeling ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I'm Simon, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. After completing all of the household chores on Sunday morning, mowing lawns etc, I was looking forward to getting on the bike and meeting a mate at the football in Werribee on Sunday.

    It was a beautiful day on Sunday albeit a little cold, so started the bike and let her warm up while I geared up, I actually sat on the bike ready to go when I had the strangest feeling that I shouldn't be riding, it was really a strong feeling. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a premonition or a vision or anything like that, it was just a feeling. I ended up getting off the bike and driving to the footy.

    The strange thing is that even a couple of days later I am still having feelings of doubt in riding the bike, don't know whether it is from the feeling that I had on the weekend, the cold weather or reading all the recent "rider down" and near miss threads.

    Maybe i'll put the bike away for a couple of months or maybe I just need to get out for a good long blat, dunno, anyone else ever had doubts ? How did you get over them ?
  2. The old rider part of the brain says, "Go for a ride, silly", but the cautious part of the brain says you're right; maybe a month or two waiting for winter to ease might be the go. Alternatively, buy another bike and do a track day or two.
  3. only time i had that feeling was on the saturday morning on the eden weekend after we drank ourselves silly the night before :LOL: actually my biggest fear was more out putting the helmet on and knocking myself out with the flumes :LOL: :wink:

    being serious now, only happened once so i drive but yeah i if it doesn't feel right don't push it :)
  4. I get it occasionaly, I ride anyway.
    I just make sure EVERYTHING on the bike is good, and I take it super easy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I have had it twice.
    I worked through it, took the bike out, and still felt that way when it was time to go home... so worked my way through it and road home.

    Didn't ignore it. Made sure I was super seriously proactively conscious of everything happening around me
  6. Yeah, me too. This morning, in fact. It came on REALLY strong when I saw that it was -1 degs outside...
  7. I get a similar thing every morning - I'm actually lying in bed, and something tells me "Don't get up. Just stay here. It's nice and warm. You really shouldn't leave."

    ... it's a really strong feeling too.
  8. I had that feeling Sunday also. Went out in the car to do some things and saw 3 cop cars pulling people over. Said to myself, "self, if you go out on the bike today you're not coming home with your licence" So I stayed home and worked on the track bike.
  9. I too get this feeling from time to time that I shouldn't be on the bike today. That's just normal.

    Wait untill your in a healthy state of mind untill you get back on the bike, don't try to force it, it will come back to you.
  10. I've had this feeling of late.

    I can't help but wonder if it is partly due to the shocking number of "Rider Down" posts over the last month :shock:

    All of those stories stick in the sub-conscious mind and tend to make me question myself where I otherwise wouldn't.

    Consequently, I'm taking it very easy this winter. If my head and or the conditions are not right, I don't go out (and kick myself for missed riding opportunities later).
  11. The only times I've felt like this have been if I realise I'm feeling below par for some reason.

    If you're coming down with a bug or you've had a big night, you'll know you're not going to be all that sharp when you get on the bike.

    But I've never decided not to ride because of the weather or other people's crashes.
  12. ive had it 3 times

    1st, when walking out of glebe appartment, put jacket on and yeah, had a little stack.

    2nd, when on my bike in the wet, i slowed down and yeah, had a slightly bigger stack 5ks later.

    3rd, was on the bike, feeling was stronger than ever when i was about to turn to go the back way. when i switched off the idicator the feeling left me, and yeah, had a really big stack 200mtrs later.

    listen to your senses, they are telling you somthing. you were ok in the car but the timing was different so you dont know.

    if you have a feeling you should lay low for 2 months do it. if that feeling is brought on yourself by anxiety of the feeling please ride your bike.

    it can be difficult to tell the difference but your mind will always tell you the truth so ask yourself.

    6th sense is a good thing to have, use it as a tool.
  13. Thanks for the replies, some of them are actually useful :LOL: :wink:

    Yeah, I am wondering the same thing JtS...I haven't come off the bike and starting to think maybe I am due, then again, I don't subscribe to the thinking that everyone will eventually drop their bike / have an off.

    Good point, maybe that feeling will improve my riding and safety.

    Think I need to get out for a gentle Saturday morning ride...Choccy Mill anyone ? :wink:
  14. Have you ever had that feeling about driving a car? Maybe it’s just that you’re not getting on the bike very often and it is not second nature like driving.

    That said, I am a firm believer of 6th sense and have proven it to myself time and time again!

    Just a thought!

  15. everytime i see someone on the mobile talking... :roll:

    "oh shit... got to go mum i think i hit something" :evil:
  16. mate if you are riding for enjoyement then don't ride unless you feel like it, having said that it is easier to jump in the heated cage than ride in the cold! :wink:
  17. i have that feeling alot, but in the words of Chopper..

    "harden the fk up!"

    so i gear up, throw a leg over, and go for a ride.
  18. I think you should listen to your inner voice. If its telling you to not go then maybe its best if you don't.
  19. I would probably say dont force your self. I Have the same feeling but it lasted the whole week. I still have to ride since my bike is my primary trsnsport. Its either bike or bus.

    When ever I ride on that feeling I feel more prone to accidents. I just be more careful and I take lass risks on those days. Just in case....
  20. Your inner voice is not always right though...what about when it tells you to kill everyone in the room?

    Regards, Andrew.