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ever feel like death is following you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GForce, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. hi guys, do you ever feel like bad luck is following and you got a feeling that something bad is about to happen? i have been getting a feeling that something is going to happen to me on my motorcycle. i have been getting close call accidents lately alot and feels like death is near.

  2. I knew i will fall someday, but don't know when :cry:
  3. Maybe your frame of mind is actually the cause of the close calls?
    I find if I am not ina good place in my head my riding is not as good as it normally is. The more you focus on making a mistake the more mistakes you make.
    There are days when i get a strong vibe not to get on the bike and I don't. My biking mentor told me "If you don't feel like riding- don't get on!"
    Given all that- riding is a dangerous activity, so of course you need to have your wits about you at all times and be aware that there are endless possibilities for accidents to happen. I think most of these can be pre-empted by good riding skills.
  4. Once in a blue moon I might - was doing the Cape/Inverloch rd the other day and had a bad feeling - ended up taking the corners much slower than what I usually would.

    This question also brings to mind something that happened to me on the way to the city last Friday afternoon. :LOL: I was riding through Tooradin and there on the nature strip in the middle of the road, was a guy riding a horse and cart. He had long sandy colored hair and kind of looked like a carny. He slowly inclined his head and grinned (knowingly? lol) as I passed him. Made me wonder whether he was in fact a real person or something else.. Made me wonder if he was coming to get me. :LOL: :eek:hno:
  5. And nachos.
    Yeah on the days that i've had an off or other really "bad stuff" i've had this real bad gut feeling.
  6. I think superstition is your enemy and science is your friend in this situation. In other words, don't put the close calls down to some 'fate', look at each of them as an individual incident composed of motions and actions and choices, and analyse it. What could you have done to avoid the situation? Gone a bit slower, left a bit more room, been a bit more vigilant, not assumed other drivers would do the right thing? Nothing is inevitable, and I reject all crap about 'it's your time' - that's for 'Charmed'. Instead, get to work figuring out how to stay alive and healthy.
  7. I would look at your riding. Don't become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    If you are having more than your fair share of close calls (which can just happen sometimes), then make sure your head is in the game properly when you get on your bike.
    Having said that, I pay alot of attention to my gut feelings...if something is'nt feeling right, I listen to it and increase my vigilence.

    It could be that your near-misses have you feeling more vulnerable than normal, and THAT can cause you to feel a sense of impending doom.
    If you can...shake it off. Often, there is nothing to worry about beyond our own state of mind.
  8. my mind hasnt been really focused lately and sometimes when i am on the bike, i get abit cloudy. could be due to my sleeping patterns.
    ill def be more careful from now on and hopefully everything will be back to normal
  9. Makes sense: and I know it's not always easy, particularly if the bike is your only mode of transport, but with your life on the line you really shouldn't ride when you're feeling sub-par. Take a power nap or something. ;)
  10. If you can't get that feeling out of your head, hang the boots up for a bit. Like Raven said, these tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies.
  11. OK "he who shall always be known as rootmasta" :grin: you've hit the nail on the head. Time to get focused and maybe just maybe hang up the boots for a little bit. I did for about a month caught the traint o work, pain in the arse but now now woooorrries :grin:
  12. I get that feeling from time to time. Usually it occurs when I realise I haven't covered all the options (in other word, started taking chances).
    If I relax and slow down, try and build up a rhythm where I give myself time to take in all the information and wait for the right opportunity, it usually goes away.
    If it doesn't, I don't ride.
  13. Pull up and stop.. realise your in complete control of yourself, then refocus. I like going to my happy place :) Like someone said, hang up the boots for a bit if you cant get out of the 'mode'.

    But really, look no further than Monkey Magic for inspiration :grin: .

    "You may run from tigers, but where can you hide from your own fear? Desire is unquenchable - you can only free yourself from it."

    "Ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds superstition. Ignorance, fear and superstition were always the beginning of nightmare."
  14. +1.... To quote from the book "Dune" (For those who know it)

    "Fear is the little death, it is the mind killer"...

    Master it and it ceases to have an affect......
  15. I've never felt negative or pessimistic about riding. But there are days when I realise I'm happier and safer just cruising instead of riding briskly.

    Some days you find you're alert and 'on it', others you're not so sharp. Listen to your body (and mind), and adjust your riding to suit.

    I'd only get worried if I kept finding a tall bony guy on the pillion seat...

  16. The Dune quote sums it up. It will be a self fulfilling prophecy if you don't take control. Get your chi cleaned :grin: . Good luck and stay safe
  17. only when I'm riding my bike & my mum is following in her car
  19. i am not gonna ride for a wk. hopefully this should clear everything up. thanks everyone for ur advice
  20. Mmmmm, Science vs Spirit debate huh. As the engineers and scientifically trained, logical thought contruct crew, informs :blah: the bleeding hearts and artists :-({|= what a bunch of philistines and superstitious plebs :inquisition: they are :LOL: :idea: They each seem to have there merits me thunks :grin:
    I personally concurr with the self fullfilling prophecy scenario. I reckon go with ya gut and just stop riding till feeling goes away. Thats why you feel it in the 1st place. Take heed. Thats what I do, and its worked for last 20 years, and if it aint broke-dont be fixing.