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Ever closed anyone's petrol cap cover for them?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Last night I was on Pennant Hills Rd, and an Audi TT cabrolet was cruising along with his petrol cap cover up on the right, rear quarter. [yeah, it's on TOP]
    Obviously not closed properly.

    Now I was filtering and doing whatever I've got to do to get through traffic [bikez r fun!] - so I filtered up to this guy, and closed his cover for him.
    [it was a really nice one too... made a sweet solid click and everything :grin:]

    ... & the car behind toots their horn twice at me :eek:

    Nothing else. Just 2 x horn.
    I finish closing the cap anyway, and filter up to the front. I don't think the Audi driver knew what I did.

    I just thought it weird, like someone thought I was vandalising someone else's car and decided that the best they can do is toot the horn :LOL:

    But anyway, I'd close someone's petrol cap for them again.

    Anyone else done it? Got thanks? Got angst?
  2. Maybe it was a friendly toot?
  3. That's not a story about personal experience!


  4. Done this heaps of times.

    Eventually somone will go nuts cos theirs took them 1/2 an hour to pry open because the cable release is busted.......
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    (I can picture it now..)
  6. I'm thinking it was a friendly toot also. :)
  7. I have considered it several times, but thought better of it because of the expectation someone will think I am damaging something and cause me grief.

    I have also several times mentioned to people when they are still flying one of there kids L plates on the back, or a trady who had one of his lockers open and crap falling out all over the tray of his truck, or one where they had obviosly had a hose come off the radiator...

    Sometimes you want to comunicate and they wont wind the window down even though you are trying to be helpfull.

    So i try to be helpfull by comunicating, but do it myself when someone could take it the wrong way... i think better of it every time
  8. I saw a biker open a ute's petrol flap, unscrew the cap and hand it to the driver through the window before taking off :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Make a police report tomorrow... Someone MAY 'dob you in' for touching that car and just in case, it makes it a zillion times easier on you if you call first just to say what happened for a "just in case someone decides to make a report". You never know, may save you a 1/2 hour (at a bad time?? hehe always happens that way) of talking on the phone explaining what happened :)
  10. police know that trick. if you can think of it, the cops can think of it.

    you need to watch more tv :grin:

    i closed em up all the time. no one had a problem with it.

    i close toilet lids too :grin:
  11. It must be the same.... :LOL:
  12. I've been behind heaps of cars that have no brake lights or no indicators (maybe those ones just don't use them?) but have never done anything about it. I just figured that they would tell me to F off.
  13. dangerous to stay behind just over take and Scream and say Fix your lights D**K Head.... :LOL:
  14. It's something I think about, but then never do, because it's too hard to explain if the driver doesn't see the whole thing .... nice gesture, though.
  15. yep done it several times, but always make eye contact with the driver and over exaggerate my moves so they can see what im doing.
    usually get a thumbs up from the driver :)
    Once an old duck blew me a kiss in thanks :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Bob obviously found one of those rare appreciative people in his instances... those creatures are harder and harder to find... Waiting for David attenborough to come out of retirement to do a much needed doocumentary lol...


  17. is that because i p**s petrol?
  18. Yep! Was splitting about a 2 mths ago and noticed a new peugeot with it's lid open and the cap still clipped in the lid, pulled up to the old ladies window and asked(shouted) if she would like me to close it. After I scared the shit out of her and her heart started to beat again she said yes and thankyou. Must have looked funny from behind some prick on a bike fiddling with an old ladies petrol cap........ they probably though I was trying to syphon the tank on the go....bloody bikers ROTTEN EVERY LAST ONE OF'EM I TELLS YA! :LOL: :p
  19. You need something like this:


    "Your petrol cap is open" in Indonesian.

    ...or just one that says "You suck at driving, choke on my smoke"
  20. yeah i saw someone do that too, what a pisser