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Ever bought the wrong bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rip, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. And if so, when did you realise? Immediately? Or did the realisation creep up slowly over weeks/months?

    Intersted in people's experiences...

  2. Several times.

    The realisation has generally dawned as more and more money has been required to be spent but the bike has remained a financially worthless heap. The sensible thing to do under the circumstances, of course, would be to throw the thing in a skip and walk away without looking back. However, I find it ridiculously hard to cut my losses in such a manner and have usually continued to throw good money after bad, leaving me with a sum invested that would have bought me something decent in the first place by the time I have mustered the resolve to drop the horrible thing off a bridge at dead of night.
  3. Twice, in a row. First a 50cc scooter to ride around the suburbs, real smart. Then a 150cc 4 stroke chinese bike, a sachs express, smarter but still dumb, not really suited to what I used it for but not as bad as the scooter. Neither bikes really fit me well at all although I never felt uncomfortable on the Sachs, except for the arse department - that really got sore. Then I bought a DR650, second best decision I ever made.
  4. Nup, never bought a Hyo or Buell.............

    Ha Ha!
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  5. First bike ever! Was a 250 Virago and I was never really happy with it. May be that's why I stacked it into the side of a car turning in front of me? BTW, I got away with a bruised chest (was only doing 30km/h at the time).

    Never had a cruiser since, and not planning on getting one for a while yet. LOL
  6. Yep, decided one day I needed to try out a cruiser, bought a brand new VT750 Shadow. Sold it a month later and bought a TT600 and a GPZ750.

    I think I pretty much knew within the first week, but kept with it to give it the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Was close to purchasing 250 ninja because I wanted the sportsbike 'look', decided against it and then I jumped on a mates 250 ninja about a year after I brought my bike and I'm glad I didn't buy it, way too small.
  8. "Too much power" anyone??????
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  9. such a thing???????????
  10. I'm man enough to say yes - an SV650 (non lams) was my first bike - it was a total lemon that didn't even make it one day before self imploding - dealer took it back but I knew it was too much for me at the time.

    Ended up with a GS500 that was more at my level.
  11. Sorry bro, first bikes NEED to be underpowered.
    I was aiming more at litre sport bikes.
    There are famous ex gp riders who are scared of these things!
  12. I only regret the bikes that I have sold. I don't regret the ones that I have bought, even the cb125 that didn't make the 20km trip home.

    Life is about experiences and pushing that bike on the day I bought it taught me not to be as stupid again.
  13. Yeah, now i have the disease and the rest of my life i will be buying motorbikes.
  14. Yep,
    did it on the GPX. Continually throwing money at it. Was an emotionally driven purchase & got ripped off, so the wife says. But in all honesty I clocked up 37,000 ks in two years on her....... then sold her for a princely $500 to a mate
    Now I have a DL650A and cant fault it. So I think the GPX showed me what I DIDN'T want this time round......

  15. There is such a thing as "too much power"..but it's like "boobs too big". - The upper limit is pretty damn huge.
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  16. Ditto. Was literally about to shake on it when i stumbled across the RVF400.
    My 6ft 85kg frame would've hated the ninja 250 after 15 months.

    So no, i guess i've been lucky and haven't made the wrong choice.
  17. Well my second bike I bought was a mistake, for me, twas a bike I coudlnt nor had the skill to ride at the time. doing silly spped down citylink and didnt know how to 'turn' [lean] at a high speed shall we say. 4 weeks I had the cbr600F then I sold it [made money on it too] But yes, admit my skills lacked but common sense kicked in and got rid of it before it got rid of me, went like the clappers, stopped well, but anyhoo, settled for a cruiser after that [for a little while]
  18. Brought VTR1000F, keep looking at the SP1 and 2... if only i had the extra 5 grand
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  19. SNAP! Virago as a first road bike was underwhelming, especially on the highway where I spent most of my time. I sold it to get rid of it, but I admire your determination in crashing it.

    I have since had a few bikes and did, once again, get a cruiser. This time a bit more spirited and only as a second/spare bike for running around town and tinkering with... a man needs hobbies.
  20. First ever bike I bought, RD250LC with 350 barrels. Had never riden a two stroke before, and thought what's this power band that everyone talks about 8-[ let's find out, bloody hell. Even though it scared the shit out of me at the time, I kept it and ended up doing a full frame up rebuild. Was a great bike in the end.