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Ever bought an ex-demo bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Viscera99, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm looking for stories/experiences from people who have bought ex-demo bikes from a dealer.

    I would imagine that even though mileage is low everyone of those miles would be rough-as-guts and there would be the potential for the bike to suffer in the long run due to being thrashed prior to being fully run in.

    anyway, if anyone has bought an ex-demo bike and kept it for any decent period of time, I'd be interested to hear of your experiences with it. Any obvious problems that have come up?

  2. I'd be interested as well, I steered clear of demos due to how people test bikes, but you never know :)
  3. Turned down an efi VTR250 that was advertised as a ex-demo but in reality was "the workshop bike". Having said that I've bought 5 ex-demo cars over the years so I'm certainly not averse to buying an ex-demo bike.
  4. In my experience at a major Brisbane dealer, the opposite can be true. Most dealers don't throw the keys to any mug that walks in off the street. Most assess how the buyer present themselves and what they came in on. Any doubts and they get an escort. Likewise, all riders sign a "you crash it you pay for it" form and that calms most people down. And most urban dealerships don't exactly offer a lot of places to explore the bike's top speed or even hard acceleration in gear. On the other hand, the shop will often get the staff to to put the initial kms on the bike to scrub the tyres and bed in the brakes. After that, the engine gets heaps of good old-hot-cold cycles with lots of throttle variation each time it goes out. Only rarely does some idiot spend a test ride bouncing it off the rev limiter so the risk of a demo bike being less likely to live a long and happy life would seem to me to be low. My CB1300 was a demo and after 51000kms is working perfectly (though given the bike should do 250,000 kms plus I guess I'm still testing that theory).
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  5. I'd have to disagree with that bublebee, it may be because I've rocked up in a nice car, but I've taken bikes for rides by myself for 20 mins without issue - google maps always gives a decent representation of available roads. Hells, me and my mate used to take bikes out for runs for fun. Nothing like taking a demo bike out for a test ride ;-)
  6. I've bought an ex demo Sprint ST about 3 years ago and saved nearly $2K from the retail price (plus the first service was already done). I put 44,000 km's on it in 2 years and 2 months, including a run from Townsville to Brisbane.

    The bike never missed a beat the whole time and apart from cosmetic damage resulting from the owner running out of ability up in the hills, the only thing it ever cost me was tyres and services.

    I now have an ex demo Speed Triple
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  7. My last three bikes have been ex demo. No problems at all. The monster excess on the insurance usually keeps the punters well under control, and I reckon the dealers lavish care and attention on their prime selling tool.

    I once had a KTM drop a piston during a test ride though (wasn't me, honest!). Was pretty glad that it wasn't after I'd bought it.
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  8. My current bike was ex demo and although I've only had it for 1 year I've had no issues. I could see though that someone had taken it up to 170kmh so would agree that perhaps most demo's don't have the best start to life.

    I've also purchased two ex demo cars and again without issue.

    For the bike and the two cars they had all travelled less than 200ks which for the savings offered is really a no brainer for me.

    Also for one of the cars I bought (Berlina wagon) I had ordered it new and chosen the colours extra's etc but as it was between models what they actually delivered was somewhat different to what I was shown and thankfully was able to pull out and negotiate on the demo - which had only been there around a week anyway - so on this point I prefer to buy when I'm staring at the actual car/bike I'll be getting.
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  9. I bought an ex-demo bike - an Honda NSR-150RR for my wife (one of only two in New Zealand I believe). We'd planned to pre-purchase, but they decided against importing them so we bought the ex-demo (the one I'd thrashed to within an inch of its life on a test ride no less).

    The gearbox seized shortly afterwards but was repaired under warranty; the bike was otherwise trouble free & one of the best I've owned in that regard.
  10. Speaking to a dealer recently about run in ks and that sort of thing he reckons that most new bikes these days are pretty much run in when they get them.
  11. Bikes are pretty tough, Ive ridden my bike like I stole it for the past 18000ks and all that's gone wrong was a blown gasket near the sump fixed under warranty. So I don't think a few hundred K's of mistreatment would affect a bike at all...

    OP are you looking at buying an ex-demo?
  12. Yes. My M109R was an ex demo. Though I had trouble initially with it, the dealer came through in the end so I have nothing negative to say about them.
  13. I got my bike with 6ks on the clock, I doubt it was thrashed

    6ks as in 6 kms on the clock
  14. I flog mine from new anyway. Well after the first oil change @500k's.
    Nothing at all wrong with a demo for mine. And good savings can be had on them.
    Most bike shops these days make you follow them for a test ride. The insurance company is on their backs. We had over a hundred grand worth of claims from seventeen stores in a year for damage.
    How hard can you flog a bike on the road anyway. It's not like we had it at the track and ran it hard for a few twenty minute sessions :)
  15. My first bike was a demo. Did not have any problems that were not caused by me. The dealer seemed more cautious then others with lending out bikes.

    My second bike was a demo with 0.5km on it. I thrashed and tripled its milage on the test ride and then took it home the next day. I normally would not thrash someone else's bike but it with 120cc's I had no choice.

    Regardless, I follow the school of thought that an engine should be broken in hard.
  16. I was but someone else bought it first. I wasn't going to buy until I took it out on the road but with the wet weather of late and the dealers 'no demo rides on wet roads' policy it didn't happen. then someone just swooped in with a cheque.

    Snooze and loose I guess...
  17. BTW - thanks for all the input guys. will have little hesitation grabbing a demo bike if the opportunity comes up again
  18. I bought mine with 354 Klms on the clock and two years old, Ex Demo, Buried under a pile of other bikes,

    2006 model, I bought it in 2008,

    Bought it unridden, not even started, I heard it fire up for the first time two days later when it was registered and it was in the street and I took it home,

    No problems so far, 55,000 Kays later,

    But then again, There are not many people around that can thrash a Blackbird,

    206 Klms per hour in second gear, Thrashing it was not an issue, Hahahaha
  19. i was looking at a demo bike excpect the k's are now up to 2600.
    somewhow i don't think these are all test ride k's when you consider how long your average test ride is.
    Sounds more like a shop bike for the staff to me
  20. My latest trailbike was not an ex-demo, but was an instructors bike for a dirtriding skills school.

    It had some nice bling on it (pivotpegs, barkbusters, engine guards, spare filter...) but didn't have the valves done on it. (the honda CRF engines WILL need the TI exhaust valved replaced either new with steel ones, or when they expire at around 2500/3000kms.)

    Its now got about 5000 HARD kms on it.

    It has been the most awesome bike I've ever owned, I rebuilt the top-end (with a high comp piston) when I gave it a head job (right on 2600kms!!) and last week put an aftermarket can on it.

    I'm actually going to flog its guts out and throw it at the side of a mountain this weekend!