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ever been prank called??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. i bring this up as i had it happen to me not long ago today with someone commenting about how my ms's enjoyed last night i should ask her (der ******** i gave it to her good Lol) then said i didn't have a ms's..."oh - i think you do mate..." "really mate....is that all?" ..."na your a fkn faggot" n hung up

    also had a time in melbourne when i was cheating on my then ms's (really didn't care about her...she knew it....ended up leaving her for my now fiance') ....but yes....just sent off two chicks i was having 'fun' n a few drinks with (knew atleast one of them had a boyfriend) and started receiving calls at about midnight with people threatening me n carrying on...so of course i immediately thought my wang had gotten me in trouble ......soon enough though i realised it was a case of mistaken identity as it was dumb drunks thinking i stole some chicks phone and it took about 15 mins of arguing over 6 calls for them to realise that they were calling the wrong number...good times..

    this doesn't bother me much...i've got enough defense with my dog among other things to simply tell randoms to pop over whenever they want....but i'm curious what experience's have you guys had with prank callers and what if anything came of it?

  2. this was a few years ago, I had an old phone with a simcard it in that I never used. Decided to switch it on, and a few minutes later I get a call:
    "I know what you did mate, I know where you live and I'll fkn kill you"
    "oh really mate, what did I do?"
    "oh you know exactly what you did, don't play games, you're fkn dead"
    "hahah okay buddy"
    "do you ****ing think I'm joking around?"
    "if you're trying to be scary, it's not working"

    then he hangs up.

    Found it weird that he called a phone that I had just turned on which hadn't been switched on in I don't know how many months

    It was right after I broke up with my ex, figured it was one of her friends trying to scare me, nothing came out of it and I thought it was hilarious
  3. Haven't had wrong number dialed for a while. However I won't forget the time a girl sent me a photo of her topless...though I had never met this person. Supposedly we met the night before in Sydney (I'm from Melbourne). I requested a photo of the bottom half to refresh my memory...never heard from her again unfortunately.
  4. I joined a forum once and got asked if I was hot... Does that count ?
  5. Mate rang me just now and asked my wife if Mr Wall was here.
  6. Then went on to ask if my frige was running.
  7. Then went on to say that he got my chainsaw sharpened and a couple of teeth were missing. Unfortunately that was no prank :(
  8. Bit off topic but I don't answer my land line anymore as its almost always friggen tele marketers trying to sell me something......grrrrrrr
  9. I used to have that problem - until a couple of my Indian students taught me a few appropriate phrases in their own language I could use. :)

    Never gotten a prank call though.
  10. Ehh not gotten any good ones that i can remember, but me and mates used to use skype conference calls to our own entertainment (you patch two numbers together while you and your mates are on mute, both parties receive a private call, and neither realise that a third party actually initiated the call)

    anyway, classics included:

    Patching together Israeli and Palestinian embassies
    Patching together two gay sexshops in sydney, then listening to the sales staff have a 10 min convo about their weekends (most of the time, people hang up after they realise neither of them made the call, but these guys just passed it off and had a chat)

    patching together two takeaway food joints and listening to them argue about who is ordering from who.

    and then also patching all the above to this really agro kiwi ******** we used to prank call, who would just explode at anyone who calls his phone immediately before actually working out who it was.

    But yeah, its great, totally untraceable (trust me, they tried) and very entertaining.

    Am i a bad person? maybe.
  11. My favourite prank call ever

  12. U should be disconected
  13. I once had a rather bizarre one, where this girl called saying she was from some sex shop nearby and had my order ready. I started saying i had no idea what she was talking about when she continued on her half of this conversation, as though i was somehow patched into a call and could only hear one side. She spoke her half of the convo for a solid ten minutes before i finally hung up. It was quite baffling
  14. i was guilty in my youth of once calling the local rural fire station and proceeding to give the guy crap for having sex with my goldfish....and i asked how he could hurt my poor goldfish etc etc.....

    ...he replied with.."that dirty lil ****ing thing loved every minute of it....screamed for more..." ...then hung up.
  15. That guy is a legend.

    Most of the times prank calls come from younger cousins or mates of younger brothers or mates younger brothers etc. you get the drift, kids who may know you.

    Nothing more then some harmless fun for them and annoying for you.

    Telstra voicemail for me though is that if they get to voicemail and don't leave a msg I get a sms saying blah blah blah number didn't leave a voice msg (even if they call from a private number). So if I do get pranked I just wait for them to call me again which usually happens within 30 seconds and then hang up on them so that it goes to my voicemail.

    Haven't been pranked for ages though, don't really know anyone under the age of 21.
  16. I once got a call from someone claiming to be from telstra customer service.
    I laughed, told them there wasn't such a thing and hung up.
  17. I work for 000. Get prank called all the time. Annoyingly it's rarely anything creative.

    Wish I knew to link to youtube videos properly. Terry Tibbs deserves an appearence.
  18. Something like this?