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ever been hit by a bird in the head

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Glennb, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. I had a close call this morning on the way to work. I was riding along doing about 90kms when as usual these 3 magpies (GO PIES :D )were in the middle of the road , they sore me comming so up they went and off they flew. But one of them decided 2 fly straight back into my path :eek: and was heading straight for my head :shock: so with my quick reflexes I ducked my head 2 the side and swish, the bird few by and I survived another day on the bike.
    So was just wondering who has had a bird hit you on the body and what was the bird, how fast were you going and were did it hit you.Also did it hurt 8)

  2. i'm sure there was a story here from someone thats been hit. cant remember who, but i'm sure it was a netrider.

    me, i was swooped 2 or more times a day by a fcuking magpie on frankston dandenong road while riding my pushy to work for like 3 months or so. and had a few close calls like you described there, couple with little sparrows too that decided to fly right across my path on westal extension :? they dont call stupid people "bird brains" because birds are quick of mind :LOL:
  3. Nearly hit one on push bike but never on a motorcycle. Didn't one of the guys here nearly hit an eagle or something?

    Did hear a slightly disturbing bit of news though, apparently the locust plagues in southern NSW could be heading south soon.

    Anyone know what your average number of locusts per cubic metre of air is in plague proportions?

    ...and how long it would take to clean your jacket? :shock:
  4. Yeah doin about 100, bird wants to play chicken crack me on the the
    helmet. Bird looses battle,look in mirror feathers everywhere.
    type of bird, one that fly's not so well.

    Hakin :wink:
  5. I got hit in the head by a dumb-ass galah! I was on the back of hubbys YZF1000, out for a nice blat in the countryside... doing about 110km/h. This stooopid bird came out of nowhere, not sure what happened but it must've got caught in the wind draught or something, it went up over the front, over hubbys head and smack bang down on top of mine! Bird guts on helmet... YUCK! And yes, it hurt!
  6. It's quite an explosion when a bird hits the windscreen of a car... Needed the squirters and everything...
  7. Been hit in the chest by a pink n' grey at 110k's. Now that really hurt. (both of us).
  8. Does it forse you head backwards? I was thinking after it happen if it hit me and was wasnt holding on tight could I have come off the bike, as with my bike I guess Im sitting more upright.
  9. Yep she only tried it the once, after she picked herself up of the floor she promised to never do it again.
  10. One tried to heatbutt my bike :)
  11. I was thinking a crack along those lines. :LOL:
  12. How about a christmas beatle?

    Ok, so its not a bird. But a big beatle at speed... left a smear a full 180 degrees around the helmet. The blow pushed my head back and the ensuing lack of visibility nearly resulted in an off. I now carry a piece of towel to wipe my helmet clean as grass didnt really prove to be very helpful!

  13. I've had a magpie hit me in the leg at 100Km+ and that hurt a lot :cry:
    Both the bird and I did everything we could to avoid each other, but the bird came off a lot worse than I did in then end :(
  14. I recently had an unkown species of bird hit my helmet and then my shoulder at around 220kmh,now that hurt :? Worst part was it smashed the base plate for my visor so the helmet is no longer usable :cry: I've also had 3 birds bounce off the front of my bike in a one month period,all at rather high speeds,luckily no damage to the bike but the birds were knackered.
  15. Are you sure did you stop and check? :LOL: :LOL:

    Hakin :wink:
  16. ive had 2 hit me ... both on an rf 900 .... first hit me in the visor ... and pulled a few muscles in my neck ... ( probably me flinching ) more than the bird damage .... second hit the radiator and bloody holed it ... stopped at a servo to find a cooked bird and a pierced radiator
  17. what do you do if a bird shits on your bike?

    dump her :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. shit hey? makes me feel better about scratching my shiny iridium visor :LOL:

    how long did you have to wait for that orange visor of yours?
  19. NO make her clean it ,then dump her..

    Hakin :wink:
  20. lol :D

    Urm,was about 2 days mate,Peter Stevens in Ringwood got it in for me :wink: