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Ever been flogged by a quick car?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by stealthK7, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. So, take one K7 Gixxer thou, and one seemingly stock XR6 turbo and race then head to head. Doesnt take a genious to predict the obvious result.

    But youd be wrong when the XR6 is a 10 second car!!!

    True story, wont fill you in on all the details only to say, the gixxer should be good for flat 10s with a good rider on board, and yes the rider of the liter bike was a very experiencd racer, but f**k me this xr6 turbo took it to him like somthing i had ever seen! Neck and neck from a rolling start at any speed was the result.... :shock: ive nevr seen a near 2 tonne car accelerate like this before, never..

    Off the lights was a different result, but was still dam close!

    We later spoke to the owner of the car only to find the car was good for 10 second passes if wearing slicks, or low 11s in street trim. I think it dynoed in at high 300kw at the wheels....

    so, tell us, has a car ever given you a hard time?
  2. Not yet, no - although I only ever boot it up to the speed limit, so I get a lot of ginos screaming past on the loser's flyby...
  3. It's gonna take more than 300kw to pass a 10 sec down the 1/4. What's the rest of the story?
  4. The accompanying torque of a 300+kw 4 litre turbo six.
  5. Yeah, it was 30 years ago, and the car was being driven by Allan Moffatt.
  6. mate you would need over 500rwkw to do 10secs in a car that size.
  7. Back in 1990 I was riding a Kawasaki GT750 and got beaten by a Torana LJ... turned out that it was fitted with a *very* worked small block chev.

    The car was a well known street drag car.

    Didn't worry me though... I was more interested in checking out the motor :)
  8. I've known a couple of people with cars that quick (and faster), though none of them would ever bother trying to race anyone on the streets. Even had the opportunity to drive one and it definitely makes you aware of the fact that you should never assume you can outrun a car on a bike. There's a lot of modified cars out there and not all are obvious from external appearances (often deliberate to reduce attention from the cops).
  9. Never been beaten by a car.


    I have flogged a couple of bikes in my ute that was remarkably similar to the one described above! :twisted:
  10. Yeah sorry, but that still wont cut it.

    I know a few things about those types of cars. I work with a guy that has spent a ton of cash on his XR6 Turbo, and even he has said, "He either lied about the power because he was hiding something, or the guy on the bike had a tank full of water." Ray's is putting out about 360kw and run's Mickey T street slicks on the back, and he claims to be closer to the R1's tail light off the lights, and after 2nd gear the bike walks away.

    Keep in mind the latest offering's from HSV in a V8 are putting out a little more than 300kw in most set ups, and my Firestorm is quicker than those.

    So this guy in the XR6 that was giving the OP a hard time has either got a bit more power than he claims, or is possibly hiding the blue bottle under the passenger seat. :cool:
  11. I don't think there's any stock HSV out there putting out 300Kw at the wheels! Maybe the 427 they've been talking about will, but that's not out yet.
    My boss drives a HSV GTS and he's never even come close to beat my bike. And that's an old stock (slip on) 600cc!! First gear (his) is pretty even, but as soon as he steps on the clutch the race is over. So I'm with you on the blue bottle theory!
  12. My XR6 turbo ute dynoed 328kw at the wheels and was good for low 11's, it had >800nm of torque! Only someone who really knows how to hook up their litre bike would give it a look at their tail lights. :wink:
  13. No bottle, just high 300kw at the wheels was the claim by the owner. Tricked Up auto too.
    Stock bottom end was also claimed. :shock:
    Said 10s with slicks and claimed had run a 11.1 on street tyres.
    And a 300kw HSV is not an at the wheel figure power claim, its measured on a engine dyno with no driveline loss.
    Apparently you can go a stage 3 upgrade on the XR6ts and pump out near 400kw at the wheels, for $18000.
    Id say with that kinda power, it would give any bike a hard time on a rolling start.

    I saw it with my own eyes :shock:
    As for 500+ KW i doubt any car could put that kind of power down wearing street tyres untubbed!!

    But hey, the owner of the XR may of been hiding something. You never know these days.
  14. You forgot the "Yes, but I was riding a 250" option.
  15. Haven't been beaten by a car on the straight (yet) - I don't know of too many stock cars that can pull 11's, but certainly have been beatenon the twisty stuff.

    Put me in a decent handling car and you'd have to be a pretty hot shot rider to keep up ...
  16. I'm sorry, I'm sure it's just me but I have no respect for auto cars, whether they pull 7 flat or not. If you don't have to shift, then you shouldn't be dragging. I mean, it's not like it's a funny car or a Top fuel (where you just don't have enough time to shift)!!!! Those cars are supposed to be worked!!! Then again, that's my opinion and some people will even ride auto bikes! :shock:
    I'm sure she's a hoot... but she'd be better as a manual.
    Luv the license plate though.
  17. It was a daily driver, that I had fun with on a Fri night, I'm lazy=auto, pretty simple. But in saying that, most of the time I manual shifted anyway.
  18. it is just you...

    That cars an animal.

    Autos are faster, But manuals are much more fun.

    I had a 10 second car, (Manual) and let me tell ya, it was very hard to keep it straight with only one hand on the wheel as the other hand was always looking for gears. Can i ask if you have ever driven a manual sub 11 sec car? Its not easy to (a) Launch, and (b) keep it straight while the thing wants to spin the tyres in every gear..

    No offence intended mate, but if you havnt driven this kind off car then your really not qualified to dis respect the auto. However, you are entitled to your own opinion.. :p
  19. This was my little weapon, kept alot of liter bikes honest.
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