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Eventful ride today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by karl2ltgc, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. So i had a bit of an eventful ride today and i thought i would post up here to let others learn/laugh at my good fortune.
    <boring story>

    I head off from my place in cranbourne, stop for a chicken roll, nice, sunny and everythings wonderful.:grin:

    Out on the R1 heading to my folks place in korumburra. Nearly there about 10 ks out.

    Light rain starts... :roll: whatever nothing i havnt seen before, riding along the highway and this truck is coming the other way and making this huge cloud of roadspray that i'm about to ride through...

    I duck down to try to get my lid in behind the screen(r1 screen is teeny tiny) and go through the mist, come back up afterwards and i feel like i have been stabed in the chest. Like it realy hurts.

    I hastily pull over, half expecting to find some road debris sticking out of my chest and im starting to mildy panic.

    Pull over, get the side stand down, step off the bike, chest is realy hurting bad, off come gloves and helmet, jacket zipped down looking at my chest, nothing sticking out, phew.. but why does it hurt so bad?... push were it hurts an theres something under my t shit.

    Pull up my shirt to find what i think is a bee sting(never stung before) is hanging out of me, so i pull it out.

    I stand by the road side sorta thinking well, if i pass out im in trouble(might be allergic) then im thinking should i call an ambo- but that would be a bit overkill, then i figure id be better off riding the rest of the way to town, (about 10ks out).

    Ride into town, chest seriously hurting bad and being crouched over on the r1 not helping, get to my folks place sit down, let em know whats going on, figure that it was definately a bee sting and theres nothing to worry about.
    </boring story>

    How the hell the thing got in there i dont know, but its things like this make you wish you just drove sometimes.

    So today i learnt that bees are nasty mofos that hurt you, and that i'm not allergic to them :) :roll:

    Anyway heres a pic i got my mum to take of the bee sting, it looks realy tiny and girly but damn it hurt. This was about 5-10 minutes after it got me.


    Anyways, that was my adventure for today. Stupid bees.

  2. OUCH...

    Looks like it may have hidden in your jacket..... Did you eat any honey this morning - it may have pissed the bee off. :eek: :LOL:

    Seriously, glad your OK. :)
  3. i had one get in my helmet once and i am verry glad they have flawed self defence mechinism. But i didn't pull over i just gritted my teeth and kept riding because i could see what it was.

    hope you had fin with it :LOL:
  4. Man reading to here, you got me all worked up, I was starting to panic myself, half expecting you to find something the size of a broom handle poking out of your chest.

    Sorry mate, had to laugh out loud. :LOL: , but yeah, they can hurt like hell. How in the world did it sting you through the jacket? Maybe you had a stowaway before you headed off?
  5. Sook LOL.

    Although in saying that i have a big ol sook when the wife starts to pluck my eyebrows! So between you and i, you are tougher :wink:
  6. yep bees suck! I opened my visor for about 1/2 a second and BAM hit a bee! fcuker stung me on the temple...
  7. jorge_k - I was seriously expecting to find half a steel tyre belt hangin out my chest.

    Mr_Ignorant - yes i am a big girls blouse.

    sir_skufy - didnt eat any honey, but i think i might eat some now ;)... infact is was a clean shirt i put on an there was no bee in it. And my jacket sits on my spare couch in lounge room so its not out in the garage or anything...
  8. Come on admit it - any excuse will do to post your nipple on the internet!

    Once I got a handful of very angry ants in my jacket - Once the group stopped I have never gotten off a bike and out of my jacket so quickly in my life.
  9. yeah those suckers can hurt dude.
    i got stung on my inner thigh about 3 inches from my gurras whilst riding once.i started jumping around and chucking a fit on the bike which must have been very entertaining for the large number of people standing at the bus stop as i rode past.
    stopped up the road,dropped my daks and fished the bee out.dunno how it got there :cry:
  10. Haha :LOL:

    Look at it this way mate, you know the Bee is most likely dead, the females only die once they lose their stinger...

    Off topic, but i was walking on the roof of my house cause i got locked out so i thought i'd climb my balcony to check if i left balcony door open. THEN i looked to my left and i had put my hand through a wasp nest, i copped wasp stings to the face, neck, and arm. That F*cking killed.
  11. Ouch thats gotta hurt :eek:

    What colour gear do you wear it might have thought you were a big fast moving flower like a super pansy :LOL:
  12. What excuse do you need Holster???? :grin:

    Karl, lucky it wasn't a swarm!
  13. Wow nasty bee sting.
    I was sitting at the lights the other day with my visor up minding my own business. Then from a distance a frigging bug comes flying at me like a curve ball and straight into my helmet while I was stationary. I looked the right knob trying to get that sucker out. I've also had a spider crawl out over my visor (little one) while riding :tantrum:
    There must be a murphy's law on this one as every time I put my visor up some shit always bounces in!

  14. The next time I get some flesh eating ants down my top I'll post some photos :p
  15. I'm crap scared of getting stung while out on the bike. A few years ago I got stung many times over about a 3 week period (spring had definitely sprung that year), anyway the last time I got stung (on my hand) EVERYTHING swelled up, including my face - had to rush to the doctor's to get a shot, I think it might have included adrenelin (excuse spelling) because I couldn't get to sleep for about 20 hours - heart racing, etc. Now I carry anti-histamine with me everywhere just in case. And on the odd occasions bees have danced around me on the bike, I snap my visor shut and have to make an effort not to do anything silly - like panic. It's my understanding that you generally don't have an allergic reaction the first time you get stung but may very well react badly the NEXT time (something to do with developing anti-bodies to the poison from the first sting?) but don't quote me on that. Oops, I think I got a bit serious there.... and now for something completely different....... (insert tap dancing motorcyclist here)... :shock:
  16. Does anyone know where Rob can get some flesh eating ants?
  17. Damn .. why is it that posts like this are only ever made by Guys :cry:
  18. *pharmacy nerd OT here*

    @Stromgirl- Yes, allergies can happen worse the second time because of proliferation of allergen receptors on white blood cells that control histamine release, and this allergic reactions.
    the shot the doc gave you probably would have been a mix of adrenalin along with an antihistamine. adrenalin is used to activate your fight/flight response, which dilates your bronchi (lung pipes), increases BP and Heart Rate allowing more transmission of oxygen to cells. in the case of an anaphalaxis (extreme allergic reaction), this stops swelling from closing off your airways and choking you, and this is what is in an "Epi Pen" which you have probably heard of (Epinepherin is the yank word for adrenalin).
    Adrenalin will not reduce swelling significantly, so there could have even been an acute anti-inflammatory in there to reduce swelling while the antihistamine had time to kick in (they take a bit longer to kick in, as they dont displace the histamine from its receptors, they stop more receptors being activated).

    the point of all this IS: if you know that you react this way to bee stings (and it may very well be worse next time), taking an antihistamine AFTER getting a sting won't be very useful, as they generally take some time to reduce swelling, and dont accelerate the deactivation of histamine receptors, only stop more from becoming activated. if the doctor didnt diagnose your situation as anaphalaxis, he cant prescribe you an epi-pen, to use in the situation again. you can get them over the counter, but they are around 100 bucks without a script. what i would recommend doing is taking antihistamines prophalactically (before the event), as they will have more effect against stopping swelling.

    i would recommend Telfast 180mg, which you can probably pick up in a discount drug store for maybe 20-25 bucks for a pack of 30, probably less for a generic (Fexofenadine 180mg), which will last you 30 days. take one on any day where you are riding and think you may get stung, then if you get stung, you have more time to get to a safe place, then seek medical help.

    anaphalaxis isnt something to take chances with.

    Sorry for the pharmacy nerd rant. but i figure if i can save one person from dying while on a bike, when i finally hit the workplace as a pharmacist, i have one life in credit to balance off the first time i kill somebody :p
  19. Vinnie, holster is a gal. :)
  20. Hey Lobsta, thanks for the heads up there. The doctor got me to fill in a form and get a medic-alert bracelet for bee sting allergy so I'm not sure why he didn't prescribe an epi-pen (I've wondered that on and off over the last few sting-less years - I just figured the anti-histamine he told me to carry would do the job...guess again hey). Thanks for that, will take even more care now!