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Eventful day on the Putty Road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nitrox72, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. I had a great day on Sunday out riding with my Dad. Heading from North Sydney up the Old Pacific Highway for breakfast at the Old Road Cafe. From there on to Wollombi for water at the pub as the temperature hit 38 degrees!!

    From there managed to barely avoid three wallabies hopping in front of us through Wollombi Road then to top things off came around a corner on the Putty to find a live power line had fallen across the road and set the bush on both sides of the road on fire!! We managed to put the fire out on one side with the help of blankets from a motorist's car before the police turned up to tackle the rapidly rising fire on the other side with his little fire extinguisher from his boot. He advised us to high tail it while he waited for the fire brigade to arrive who were already busy with the big fire near Newcastle.

    The best bit was every cop on the Putty Road sped past us toward the fire for the rest of the ride so we had the clearest run ever! :)

    To top things off I got home and checked my email to find I was the winner of the Shannon's Summer of the Bike competition and a brand new Kabuto helmet and Contour Roam 3 camera are on their way to my house. I've never won a thing in my life so pretty chuffed with the end to an eventful day on the bike.

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  2. Wow, what an adventure! You just never know what's around that corner :wideyed:. Well done Nitrox72Nitrox72, quick thinking (y)! And congrats on winning the Shannon's comp. You are the Champion all around :snaphappy:(y):woot::happy:!!
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  3. You really hit the jackpot, there, congrats.

    You never knew what you're going to encounter on the Putty: my wife and I drove the Ten Mile once with fire up on the western embankment dropping burning branches and leaves down on the road!!
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  4. Hey Nitrox72Nitrox72 well done ride with your dad, police free ride AND prizes. Woohoo.

    Re the smoke I did a fang up Putty on sunday on Zeddee and the smoke was fierce
    I could feel the need for a blast on the puffer then realised didn't have it on me :(
    Wonder if it was the same fire you saw that was causing the smoke??
  5. Karma.

    You could have just kept going and said "its not my bush or fire" and went on your way.

    But you stopped and helped and did what you could.

    For your efforts you are rewarded with a new helmet.

    Sounds like a god day overall and congrats on the win.
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  6. I went on Christmas day and Sunday and both days were raining. You could say that was eventful. Saw about 30-50 bikes ride in the rain towards grey gum on Sunday found it a bit odd for a group ride in the rain but some were gs'
  7. Congrats Nitrox72Nitrox72 on the win and top marks for stopping and doing what you did. If only more did what you did the world would be a greater place. Having volunteered as a firefighter for many years with a local brigade I know how much of a difference your efforts would have made.
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  8. Love a good news story Nitrox72Nitrox72 and it sounds like a memorable day all round. Good on you for helping with the fire and it does help knowing where all the cops were! :LOL:
  9. Well done on helping with the fire & congratulations on winning the gear. Its always nice to win something when you dont expect it.