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'Evening all, and thanks!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Chevalier, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Hi. Peter here. Very excited.

    Bought a CB400 last weekend with 51km on the clock. RWC and reg today and I sure was late to work after cutting a few hours of laps of the Yarra Boulevade. An absolute beginer. Although I've raced push bikes for years and have them sorted and am very confident in traffic, I'm back at square one again. Also noticed the difference between riding an 8kg bike vs 190kg... Really looking forward to some weekend skills sessions.

    Also, a big general thank you to the forum and its members. Really helped with choosing a bit of gear, insurance and all that. Pretty happy with what I've ended up with, especially the bike! Looking forward to getting a few skills together and getting out for some rides.

  2. Hi Peter and welcome,

    Forum is a mountain of useful information isn't it! I came within a whisker of getting a CB400 but I am sure you'll be happy!

  3. welcome and see you at a Saturday session soon !
  4. welcomer to NR, hope to see your new bike
  5. Welcome to NR, Peter.

    NR truly is a wealth of information both online & live. :) Just wait till you come down to St Kilda for the Saturday Learners Session.

    Ride Safe! (y)
  6. Thanks! My first 20 odd kms yesterday wasn't enough. Got home from work tonight, fueled up on a pizza and thought I'd just pop out to a car park to work on a bit of slow-speed stuff. I ended up 60kms from home... Think I could get used to this, although the speed and weight of the bike are still taking a lot of getting used to. Saturday morning it is!
  7. Welcome aboard. Nice to have you along.
  8. Lol i keep doing that. Ive had my learners for what.... a month or so and ive already managed to clock up 3000km, including my first Great Ocean Road run haha. I cant keep off the damn thing, its so addictive!

    Nice work on getting your first bike. Much bigger than mine!
  9. Congrats. Great bike choice. Welcome to NR :)
  10. And this is something that doesn't often get taken into account when people discuss how likely new riders are to crash. Most new riders do a lot of kilometres in those first six months of riding...

    I've seen papers from MUARC suggesting that newer riders should be encouraged to ride less so they crash less. Something that strikes me as amazingly stupid since the same people then say that experience is all important for riders!

    The lack of logic that comes from some places continues to astound me.
  11. they want that applied to ALL riders don't they? Not just new riders.
  12. I hadnt seen that info to be honest Tony.
    Sometimes what isnt accounted for is a Learners previous experience. I have a decent amount of confidence in myself and my bike because i have had bike/scooter experience, and i have years of road use experience, so for me its just a matter of putting the two together and finding my limits, whereas other people have never even looked at a bike let alone ridden anything/anywhere.

    This isnt to say at all that im less vulnerable to accidents, or that im not a motonewb, i am, but i know where the trouble comes from, because ive seen it and ive been the cager for years.
  13. Wow! That's some impressive logic. Was chatting to a bloke at work today about last night's ride and the couple of 80km zones I rode through. At the moment, 80kms feels super fast as I really don't understand what to expect from the bike, how it feels when it's stable and the bit in between when it's transitioning into dangerous. I was saying how 80km/h on an 8kg bike with tiny tyres and wearing nothing but... well, not much at all, feels so much safer at the moment. Why's that? About 10 years experience riding every day and racing, learning what it feels like when a tyre is about to break traction etc etc. Same on the mountain bike. Two wheel drifts only come from heaps and heaps of just riding. Going to apply the same logic to the motorized bike I have now. For me, it's all understanding how to interprate the feedback from the wheels.

    And, all kidding aside, this forum is not helping at all when it comes to concentrating at work or anything else for that mater. Look forward to seeing you all out on the road (on the moto of course!).

    A few pics soon too. Pretty proud of the CB400...
  14. Hi and welcome to NR

    CB400 is an impressive little machine