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Even the scammers are not trying any more

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Seriously only a complete moron would follow this nugget.
    No grammar check at all

    "Halifax Bank temporarily suspend your account. Reason: Billing failure.
    We Need you to complete an Account Update so we can Unlock Your Account
    To start the update Process Follow the Link Below:
    Once you have completed the process, we will send you an email notification that your account is available For Used Under 24 Banking Hours!
    After that you can Access your account at anytime.

    The information provide will be treated In confidence and store in our secure database.
    If you fail to provide you required information your account will be automatically deleted from Halifax Bank Database.
    Thank you very Much for your Co- Operation.
    Halifax Bank plc"
  2. Doesnt get anymore obvious than that :LOL:
  3. Halifax Bank???
    Who the hell are they?

    I bank with NCIS Bank or Law & Order Bank, only.

  4. Bank of Nigeria is the way to go - great customer service :grin:

  5. uk bank
  6. No moron?

    There is an entire class of moron who would click this and believe it to be real. You know, the lucky bastards who always win hourly prizes and download Jamster ringtones.
  7. Make sure deposit only in when satisfied.