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Even the Police get confused by School Zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Another excerpt from the Ballarat paper:
    Speed limit still in force

    BALLARAT drivers will have to slow to 40kmh through vacant school zones until next Wednesday.

    Ballarat schools finish the year on different dates, but all 40kmh school zones remain valid, and motorists could still be booked for speeding.

    Drivers have been confused about when each school year ends, and VicRoads and police were unsure about the rules when contacted by The Courier earlier this week.

    Ballarat police have been turning up to schools to monitor speeds, only to move on when they realised the school was closed.

    VicRoads regional manager for Western Victoria Lance Midgley has moved to clear up any confusion by saying 40kmh school speed zones would be valid until Wednesday, the official last day of term four for Victoria.

    Mr Midgley said there were private schools that finished earlier, but the date was widely published and accepted as the last day for the 40kmh speed limit.

    He said VicRoads planned to "fine-tune" the system to cover all schools next year.

    "That situation will hopefully be sorted out next year," he said.

    "All I can suggest is to abide by the (40kmh) speed limit for the next few days. If people comply with the sign, there is no risk of being booked."

    Ballarat Traffic Management Unit police have received negative feedback from drivers about the confusion.

    Sergeant Ross Humphrey said at least one person had been referred to VicRoads over the matter.

    Sgt Humphrey said drivers were not the only ones who were confused about which days were school days.

    "We never get told what days are student-free days or curriculum days," Sgt Humphrey said.

    "We end up turning up to school crossings and seeing that school's not in and going to another one."

    Mr Midgley said his advice to drivers was to stick to the lower speed limit if they were uncertain.

    He said the same idea applied to drivers who turned from side streets into main roads - they should stay at the default 50kmh speed limit until they see another speed limit sign.

    The first term of the 2006 school year starts on January 30, and the 40kmh limit will be enforced from 8am that day.
  2. This whole school zone is a right royal pain in the a........

    Normal school holidays have different schools having different periods off and you just don't know if the kids are in or not.

    You've only got to hope that the cops are not trying to get their monthy quota up to scratch at the time.
  3. As the article points out the cops are packing up when they realise school's not in, I wonder if private speed camera operators would do the same though.
  4. What a load of crap dumb FU##**RS the dickheads dont know whats going on and if i was booked and the sighn said 40ks school days and that particular school was not open i would be the first one to go to court and waste everybodys time and fight it to the max.In order to be guilty the rules must be clear and obvious to all.
  5. Sooner the tightarsed state government actually spent some of their $2B surplus and installed flashing lights at every school crossing the better.
    No confusion then.
  6. Bring Back Jeff kennett at least you knew where you stood with him bracks is a slimy jelly fish $50 levy , Tollway, bodgy cameras, 25ks loss of licence, That weasel J. howard should pack him of to iraq Or better still lebenon where he came from
  7. Dont hold back Z900 , tell us what you really think . :wink: :LOL:
  8. They all need flashing lights when its school time, I rarely know the exact time after I've been out riding as I dont have a clock on my bike.
  9. mmmm nope i wont hold back mmm or maybe i will next time NOT
  10. The flashing lights idea is a good one. Each school should have control of them. Or rather, the traffic attendant should. Key operated, they could be turned on when the attendant commences duty and turned off when he or she finishes.

    It removes any ambiguity over this whole issue.

    With respect to speed cameras, I wonder how many motorists have been booked for doing the higher limit one or two minutes either side of the start/finish times, or is there some leeway in this matter?
  11. I had a cop pull me over to book me for doing 60 in a 40 school zone.

    I always check my watch is correct because I manage a bus company and a minute here or there is important for timetabling (and people ringing up saying the buses were late or early!).

    This particular morning I looked at my watch 7:58... cool thinks me... sail through at 60.

    Then a plain car pulls me over and says 'you went through a 40 zone at 58' and I said 'not a 40 zone until 8am' and he says it's 8 am and I said... 'nope it's only just turning 8:00 right now and showed him my watch.

    Predictibly he says 'your watch is wrong', and I said I set it before I left home and I make 100$ sure it's dead right because it needs to be because I run a bus company (etc etc).

    Then I rang the telstra time signal (on hands free) and put it on speaker and my watch was correct (within a few seconds) and his wasn't.

    He was _pissed_ to say the least but at least he didn't book me.

    He starts rating about why should I be pushing the limits (gawd) by a minute or two and don't I think it'd be better to slow down a minute or two early.

    I said "no one arrives at this school much before 8:30", even the crossing guard doesn't get here until then...

    And he got even more pissed off, and procedes to do a roadside RWC check on the car.

    15 minutes later (and now late for work) I was finally let go without a fine.

    There are some good cops out there, but this guy had an attitude problem!
  12. Take his name (from badge) and ask for his station. Report him to his station commander for attitude adjustment. :)
  13. Geoff we have just patented a device which, if governments come to the party, will be issued to every vehicle with the registration label. It is an ASIC chip which will be programmed to emit an audible and visible signal to the driver/rider on approaching a school crossing, or if a police or emergency vehicle is behind and needs the road space etc. Feedback from officials lower down the food-chain are positive so far.

    And before anyone worries about 'Big Brother', the device is passive and cannot be used to track the vehicle, only track the vehicle's location TO THE DRIVER/RIDER for the purpose of the above-mentioned alerts.