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Even the normal press is raving about Stoner at Honda

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. News.com.au today breathlessly reports Stoner's sub-two minute lap in the last session at Sepang

    is this because he's an Aussie

    or is it because Rossi was in eleventh :LOL:???
  2. Same reason the Italian press are probably raving about Rossi being 11th with a broken shoulder!
  3. I wasn't criticising Rossi, just commenting on our national tendency to enjoy it when we are winning stuff :LOL:
  4. the kid is definately on his game, unbeatable
  5. ...well, hot favourite, at least ..... :)
  6. It was pretty much the same with Mark Webber as well wasn't it, you hear about him every now and again, and when he strung like two or three wins together he was on TV being interviewed every second night, when the Daily Telegraph doesn't have the NRL to report on they gave him praised him every day in the paper for a week or two.
  7. yep, true

    I bet he's still having nightmares about the 'off' in Korea ......
  8. .........sweeties no doubt the Rolling Stones two day jaunt around The Farm helped.....
  9. I just don't understand that
  10. Sweetie is that directed at moi ????

    Sugarplum let explain.....

    two weeks ago young Casey spent two days riding the finest private road in Australia on a street trim Repsol Edition Honda 1000 RR
  11. Yeah, so what? He'll still have red hair.
  12. I reckon he'll go rooly rooly fast in Qatar, lead for a few laps and crash. Who thinks he'll go fishing mid-season this year?

    ROSSI!!!! :LOL: