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Even NATURE wants us dead! v. Falling tree vs. motorcyclist.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Motorcyclist killed by falling tree

    A MOTORCYCLIST riding with her boyfriend died after being struck by a falling tree in northern NSW, police say.

    The 38-year-old was travelling behind her partner on the Pacific Highway at Glenugie, near Grafton, about midday on Tuesday when she was struck.

    "The tree came down on the woman and, as a result, she suffered significant head and other injuries and died at the scene," police said.

    The man was not injured.

    The highway was closed in both directions for about 90 minutes while the tree was removed.

    A report will be prepared for the coroner.


  2. Before anyone jumps up and down about a rider down thread it is the unusual circumstances which is why this is allowable. Keep the posts neutral please.
  3. I read this too, but I'm going to run away before the mods come a hunting this as a rider down thread.

    MOD: read the post above yours
  4. Do kids still learn in school how dangerous aussie trees are?

    We were told by out science teacher the day a huge branch fell on his van full of his kids on the way to school. nobody was hurt but could of been a lot worse.

    Shame to see someone taken out like that at least they were riding at the time.
  5. *snap*... Ok.

    In that case, I was just talking with my girlfriend about it.

    We were saying how unfortunate accidents can happen out of nowhere and how I take excessive care when traveling through bushfire regions for this exact reason.
  6. They showed this on the news on TV tonight, what truly awful timing, very sad for her family and loved ones.....

    I remember a motorcyclist died in similar circumstances in the Kangaroo Valley down here a couple of years ago....
  7. If they were not riding but driving though she may be alive today
    Sad very sad and unlucky.
  8. She may be.
    Or she may not be, If she was hit directly, then the tree could have hit the windscreen and had the same effect.
    Who knows?
    I wonder if the road authority will mark it as an other motorcycle fatality in the statistics (Sorry just the cynic in me coming out considering the current TAC garbage)
    “Sad very sad and unlucky.” Very true
  9. Tac and police will say speed was a factor and it will definitely be in the motorcycle stats, any death on a public road is added to the stats, what the filthy sneaks do though or at least did was add private land deaths as part of the motorcycle stats.
  10. I'd never really thought much of this risk up until a week ago... riding around the Mornington Peninsula, perfectly calm, still day and 100 metres ahead the ute I'm 'following' is suddenly plowing through a pretty chunky branch (covered both lanes of the road) that dropped pretty much on his bonnet. I stopped up the road with him to make sure he was alright, we both agreed half a second later and I might not be talking to him... and 30 seconds later he wouldn't be talking to me.

    Pretty scary stuff, but I guess freak accidents/ occurences are just something we have to factor in. Another good example is a friend arrive to exams notably shaken, coming to the venue he had a tire blowout @ 100 km/h and ended up swerving all over 3 lanes before managing to get the car under control and stop. All I could think in my mind was "Ah fark, how the hell do I predict and defend myself from something like that!" :(

  11. Read the timecodes and the post two below mine. You posted that while I was typing. Hence *snap* ;)
  12. Any collision with a speed greater than 0km/h has speed as a factor unfortunatelty.

    How many people died on Black Saturday after crashing into fallen trees in the low visibility conditions on the day.

    Fallen trees are a fact of life in Australia.
  13. If she were speeding faster she would have been past the tree before it fell??