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Even more PC fools infecting our country

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. I would be more understanding if the footage was shot in a fastfood chains' carpark or something like that..

    I don't quite understand where it shows an Australian road rule law being broken.
  2. They really are kidding right?

    fcuk. Crazy World. No, crazy country.

    What a country full of meek, mild and righteous people we've become, hoodwinked by a safety industry that seeks to remove all elements of danger (living) from our lives, even when that risk is only to ourselves.

    I just thought the ad wasn't very good, it never inspired me to go out and put paint on the wheels and spin 'em up.

    Next on the list for banning surely should be Bathurst. I mean, all those taxis going really quick on a public road. And they sometimes spin their wheels too. And lock them just to be even more crazy.

    fcuked. Totally fcuked.

    As Boris would say, there are a lot of very beige people in this place.
  3. I love that ad, I thought it was brilliant. It was a simple concept but it was fun to watch.

    But then again is did make me want to barricade the motorway cover it with wood get some paint down and spin it up....
  4. Gawd, that's just pathetic.

    I must be getting old, I just wrote an anti-complaint to the Advertising Standards Burrow asking them to unban it on the grounds that everything depicted within it is on an indoor closed course utterly divorced from the areas the Australian Road Rules apply to. :p
  5. If they can ban this ad coz it depicts hoon driving then they should ban the hundreds of those stupid american cop shows that depict violence and murder.
  6. administration@adstandards.com.au

  7. Personally I thought the add was a bit “meh†but as for “hooning†give me a brake…
    If they are going to be consistent, then no more top gear, especially the local flavour (Well that may be a good thing) as that also has a lot of “Illegal†Driving. And no more movies with car chases. And while we are at it any depiction of drug use, violence… … … on and on it goes until all we can watch is F#$king re runs of “leave it to beaver†and bloody soap commercials.
    F#$k I miss my rear wheel drive car
  8. Maybe this is the result of an aging population?

    Also, I wonder if there would be any complaints if Toyota did a similar ad with a camry. What would the oldies do then? :grin:
  9. I thought it was quite artistic!!.....no hooning at all!! What gives?? D'uh!!

    ......more of this "cotton wool" society that we seem to be living in........ :roll:
  10. Lord help me if one of these PC types ever try to tell me my business.
  11. I think they just did just affect you - by removing the ad!
  12. Oh it's on.
  13. Yeah, Mac all the way!!!

    Wait, what?
  14. So how did those stupid Fast and Furious movies manage to be shown here?

    There's a road racing class for Drifting now, which isn't anywhere near a fast way to get around a race track, but rather is just for the spectacle. But that's on a race track, so nobody will copy that on the road, right?

    Crusty Demons?

    World Rally Championship?

    And so on.


    Remind me to four-wheel drift through a wet roundabout this week. If enough people do this in protest it will be unsafe to NOT air the commercial.
  15. I thought it was artistic too, but Australia just doesnt "get" art.

    However if there was a bunch of big sweaty football players and skimpy cheerleaders thrown in then it would be welcome with open arms :LOL: :roll:

    personal gripe really
  16. They would have to remove a great majority of ads on TV if this ad promotes bad behavior... as most other ads they're driving on the wrong side of the road!!1 :shock: (oh noes)
  17. Did anyone see the coles ad where the women was degrading her husband?

    I was pretty offended by that.
  18. Heh. Just saw an ad where two kids are playing in a large cardboard box while the parents play wii on their new plasma. At the bottom of this ad it states:

    'Children filmed under controlled conditions'

    True story.

    At what point did the depiction of two children playing in a cardboard box incite people complaining about the safety of the children? Jesus.
  19. I wonder what would happen if we complained about all the adds where women make out that their husband is an idiot.

    Ahhh equal rights is great, just when it's more equal to one side :evil:

    My 8 month son crawled into a cardboard nappy box and got 'lost' and started to cry.
    Maybe I should get them to put a warning 'Caution young children may get lost inside"