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Even cyclists don't like cyclists

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twistngo, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Seems we are not the only ones that have problems with some of them. To quote from the Age:

    There is one thing, however. Just one little thing, that I suppose I'd never really realised to the extent that I am now realising it: cyclists can be real arseholes.

    I'm talking dyed-in-the-wool, rotten to the core, hole-where-the-heart-should-be arseholes. Sweaty, red-faced, gear-spinning pricks whose only joy in life is to make life a misery of nerve-fraying terror for those of their humble brethren who attempt to share the cycling infrastructure with them.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/so...wn-in-pairs-20111231-1pgb8.html#ixzz1iCoCEEA0
  2. Some of them are such knobs, I know they have the right to ride on the road, but when they ride right in the middle and ignore you obviously trying to get passed them its really frustrating. One of the comments on that article was saying why do drivers think its so hard to overtake a cyclist... well, if im in my work van its a tiny little engine hauling around a shitload of tools, i have to slow right down for the cyclist of i cant immediately safely go past him, and my little van just cant pick up the pace to get around him, so i end up istting behind doing 30ks per hour and everyone else gets stuck behind me. so annoying, god dammit im getting fired up now haha

    thats my rant :)
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    Because they ride two abreast when theres oncoming traffic and we can't overtake. I've had truckies more polite then cyclists! Least some trucks pull over and wave you past
  4. The thing I hate is when there is a cycle path next to the road, but the still ride on the road.

    Edit: The normal cyclists don't bother me. Some people just use it as cheap transport. It's the clickity-clack, lycra wearers that piss me off. Even listening to them walk into a cafe makes me want to start stabbing them, thats befor they get on their bike and block traffic.
  5. Cyclists are permitted to ride two abreast - it's in the Australian Road Rules. Whether doing so is polite or considerate of other traffic is another thing entirely.

    There is no absolute requirement under the Australian Road Rules for cyclists to use a cycle path.

    As for knobs - well there are knobs using every form of transport, this is not something which is exclusively the province of cyclists. I would venture to suggest those individuals would remain knobs whether they were walking, driving or even (gasp!) riding motorcycles.
  6. The linked article suggests otherwise.
    And for fuck's sake, why wouldn't you?!

  7. In the followup posts the author concedes that he wasn't correct about the road rules, it is legal to ride 2 abreast, whether that is a good rule is the debate.
  8. Nah Smee, I'm talking about the requirement to use a bicycle path if one is provided...
  9. Because their stupid skinny wheels break if they hit the little twigs.thst you get on cycle paths
  10. Maybe they should combine psychopaths and cyclist into a new word:

  11. Cycle paths and bike lanes are different, you are required where practicable to use a bike lane but there is no such requirement with respect to cycle paths unless specifically signposted.

    And as for why wouldn't you - most cycle paths are poorly designed pieces of crap. Quite honestly, I prefer riding my bicycle on the roads, the traffic is far more predictable. Mind you, I am not an advocate of on-road bike lanes either. I would much prefer the idea of a slightly wider left hand lane.
  12. Because proper riders with proper cycling gear, INCLUDING THOSE SHOES and LYCRA, can ride a 30 - 40km/h and that is NO SPEED to be mixing it with dopey peds and pets and kids on shared paths.

    It's so ****ing simple a concept to understand, it annoys me that the ignorance is so ****ing high.

  13. Hell no. The psychopaths would get pissed off being connected with those jerks.
  14. The problem Rob is that some of the faster riders ARE mixing it with pads and slower riders. It is a SHARED path, not a race track, training track or any other sort of track. So the faster and better riders take to the roads, where frankly, the faster ones are not holding anyone up. So it seems that they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    What was more interesting was the venom coming from the few hard core riders in the comments section. They really do seem to have a sense of entitlement.

    As for the comments on lycra, there is a reason why it's the fabric and clothing of choice. It's dumb to hear a m/c rider make comment about the clothing of a cyclist when they then don their painted helmet, race replica leathers, race style gloves, race style boots and then get on their race replica bikes. Something about stones and glass houses comes to mind.

    Some riders (both powered and non powered) are just cocks. It seems not to matter what powers them, they're just pricks.
  15. Ahh. This is what I love about netrider, this kind of thread.
  16. man i understand that fully when i used to cycle to the city and back for fitness (from mount waverley. )

    some fat **** in lycra called me a C*** as i moved to the side for him *maybe because i wasnt part of the same spandex club ?*
    i just responded with "shut up D***H***" and was happily on my way. ironically this was on the same trail as the article
  17. You're right about one thing, cejay. It IS a "sense of entitlement" issue. The issue is that the hardcore "I ride a push bike so therefore I am morally and environmentally superior to you" brigade HAVE this sense of entitlement. Because they have been brainwashed into believing that they ARE the superior and only responsible road users the natural extension of this is two-fold. Firstly, I will USE my sense of entitlement to the maximum no matter how it inconveniences others and, secondly, I will take every opportunity to force my views upon others by being as rude, uncooperative and obnoxious to other road users as I can be. And then they wonder why everyone hates them and why the death and injury rate amongst cyclists is astronomically high...
  18. indeed. once you get 2-3 cyclists posting in the thread, the sexual tension between them becomes very apparent.
  19. just curious, what do the pipe cleaners signify?
    is that some sort of mating ritual ?
  20. I am a faster road cyclist.

    I ****ing hate stupid cocks who ride their bike once a month on a sunday morning. They hold me up on my push bike.

    At the same time i do all within my power to allow people to pass me including riding right next to always deadly car doors, which can open at any time and take me out. Just so some fat mother ****er in his car can get to lunch 5 seconds sooner.

    Maybe think about that next time you are raging at a cyclist...? I'm sure i sound like i have a sense of entitlement.