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Evel Knievel, 1938-2007

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FUTURE, Dec 1, 2007.

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  2. In his case natural causes could mean jumping a motorcycle into the side of a bus, or canyon...

    Trevor G
  3. Dunno if he was a great rider, but he WAS a great showman; had he lived in P.T. Barnum's day, he'd have packed them in......
  4. RIP you crazy mofo! :(
  5. Heard Seth Enslow saying the other day that EK said 300ft jumps were impossible, he at the time was jumping 120ft, and Seth is going for the 300ft record next year.
  6. Seth won't be using a Harley.
  7. I was saying to Loz today how I had an Evel Knievel action figure and bike when I was a kid. Man he copped a pounding.
    He got run over, buried, burnt, bit and jumped off the garage roof of my parents house many a time :shock:
    He visited countless other faces of death, faced them fearlessly and survived relatively unscathed! ready to roll another day :LOL: and face anything else me and my 7 year old mates could throw at him-including throwning him at walls ](*,)
  8. He was an unforgettable character... he was sort of like a 1920's show rider transported in the 1970's :)

  9. Evil Knievel. RIP.
    not in pieces thankfully.
    a legend.
  10. Well said.

    RIP fallen rider.
  11. he tried hard to though, hey! :shock:
  12. Wonder if this makes my Evel Knievel DVD worth any more? I bought it for $5 and frankly I reckon I got ripped off, stars George Hamilton in the lead and the mvoie sucks.
  13. LOL :LOL: ,

    but seriously, r.i.p
  14. you have an Ass for a shlong? :?
  15. lol, i thought id heard them all :grin:
    not quite an ass for a shlong, no...

    i wont go into the detail of the origin, but shlong story short, its been my nick since i was like 13... :cool:
  16. highjack.


  17. R.I.P., Evel Knievel


    Rest in peace, Evel Knievel.
    O leaper,
    O thrill-seeker,
    O wearer of patriotic jumpsuits, you
    earned huge amounts of money
    with your pointless, suicidal stunts,
    and brought glory to America.
    Yet the IRS chased you down
    & stung you for millions
    in unpaid taxes.
    "World's Greatest Daredevil."
    That was your title.
    Which is strange because
    on the big jumps
    you always crashed.
    Caesar's Palace,
    Snake River Canyon,
    Wembly Stadium.
    Boom. Splat. Boom. Splat. Boom. Splat.
    Jon Ive says if someone crashed
    that much in our business
    they wouldn't call you "world's greatest."
    They'd call you Microsoft. Or Windows.
    A bit unkind of him, I think.
    Because you inspired people.
    Including me. One time,
    when I was thirteen, I built
    a ramp on my street
    & put on a cape
    & a football helmet
    & tried to jump a Schwinn Stingray
    over three kindergarten kids.
    Each kid lay on the pavement
    holding a pair of enormous torches:
    newspaper doused in gasoline.
    Flames leapt eight feet into the air.
    Soon after this
    as part of my parole agreement
    I joined my school's electronics club.
    The rest, as they say,
    is history.

    Blogger: Steve http://www.blogger.com/profile/15043759939497216186
  18. ^^

    he was great, if only as a showman.
    his greatness was in his ability to captivate a crowd :cool:
  19. I had one of those too. It had the red launch ramp, right? And you used to wind it up with the handle on the side and then stop and off he'd go! I leapt that thing off anything from ramps to roofs to tree limbs. I crashed it into my dad's car once and left a scratch and had it confiscated for a week. I was distraught!

    Farewell, Evel. Rest in peace, ya mad bloody legend.