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Eve - nearly road kill...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Further to a previous post about the increasing number of motorbikes on the road - now is a good time to be aware that if more bikes are on the road - we should increase our awareness of other riders sharing the roads.

    Perhaps I can use my experience this morning…

    I don’t normally use the emergency lane however traffic was impatient along the fwy so I followed an experienced ride via the emergency lane (to many close calls filtering)..

    I was watching the traffic to my left to ensure all was good - we weren't the speed limit because of the heightened risk of being in the emergency lane *removed speed because i dont think it was that fast*

    Note a stationary bike - centre of their lane. Not moving. Ok

    Keep slight eye on the top of their helmet.

    Then - out of no where they pull out in front of me!

    Emergency break - smoke - tyre lifts - Extreme weight in my wrists … ouch….

    Heart beating - legs weak... First emergency break i've had to do in high(er) speed conditions.

    They didn’t even notice what they had done!!

    They just saw another bike and thought 'there's a good idea' - without head checking!!!

    If your gonna do it - chances are someone is also - so Check!!

    I followed them until I caught them to tell them what they had done
    They were totally oblivious -

    (they should have heard my tyres lock up!)

    So - I just wanna say - head checks and watching (predicting) the traffic is even more vital now that there are more of us!
  2. You were using the emergency lane and in the process shitting off every car driver you passed :shock: Thanks for adding to our bad rep.
    Funny how you thought the other rider was inconsiderate.
  3. Damn, lucky eve.

    Was this on the new bike?
  4. The funny thing abotu what you've written is that i thought the same as you did - i even posted it!!! about riding in the emergency lane - then everyone on netrider busted my back side because its 1. safer than filtering and 2. most people do it.

    So i decided there may be method in their madness and did it today for the first time.

    So off ya high horse mister - unless you dont filter at all - get off and WALK your bike when ur parking on the footpath etc - then your no better than the rest of us.
  5. didn't someone get wiped out in an emergency lane last year doing the same thing?

    on a motorbike, there's no such thing as someone else putting you in danger...


  6. Yeah, sorry to hear about the scare, Eve, and the other rider definitely should have checked, but 70-80 in the emergency lane is just asking for trouble, as has been discussed here a number of times. I mean, it's for emergencies, and people pulling off the road in emergencies may not have the time or attention to spare for a head check.

    I'd strongly suggest either filtering or staying in a lane... but your post is still a useful heads-up for anyone changing lanes or pulling off the road anywhere, any time: always check. Even though everyone *should* be able to assume that the emergency lane is empty anyway, still check.
  7. Nope - on the 250
    Spoungy brakes..

    it was lucky - closest call i've had yet... just wish she knew what she did to learn from it.

    The other thing that gets me.. is that if you post about being against the emergency lane you get blasted.. You say you used it - and you get blasted.

    No win situation on this thing!

  8. And... 'brakes', my dear, 'brakes'. ;)
  9. Thanks Bravas - that is not the likely speed - i didnt watch , was just watching the traffic)...
    Just cruising... and watching the cars.. I was going slower than i would have filtering - it was more dangerous to filter today because of the traffic 'mood' - they were dodging everywhere..

    I think its because of the weather -

    Now thinking of oit - i didnt come out of 3rd gear - so i dont know what speed i was doing -

    First time and it went wrong so i learnt a lesson ey.
  10. Yep, you learned. It'd be nice if she'd learned too, I agree, but I guess we can really only be responsible for our own learning.

    Personally I wouldn't be filtering at those speeds either - I tend to aim for less than 20 km/h disparity between my speed and that of the cars I'm heading between, which means if they're doing more than about 20 themselves I just pick a spot in a lane and hang with it. Might be a tad slower but it's a lot safer and offers a lot more safety margin.

    Maybe I'm overcautious, but I haven't had a single close call in a couple of years, so it seems to be working.
  11. Your right

    Its not possible for me to filter at those speeds either

    When i'm filtering i'm usually in 1st or 2nd (i'm a bit of a woss - and pull over for faster riders).

    So i'm wrong about the speed (i tend to over exaggerate when adrenaline is pumping)..

    I'll edit it .. top part coz that is WAY too fast...
  12. I've always stayed out of emergency lanes for one simple reason - that's where all the broken glass, plastic, and other crap from the road ends up. It takes a lot longer to get anywhere with a TEK screw stuck in your front tyre.
  13. Stay out of the fricken emergency lane!
  14. Eve, you weren't filtering you were riding at speed in the emergency lane. And because "other traffic" was impatient. Note you edited more than the speed reference in the original post.

    Splitting is splitting and filtering is filtering. You weren't doing either.
  15. Wheels - i was wrong abotu the 'speed'
    It felt faster because i wasnt having to shift and stop and shit and stop -
    Like i said - i'm not very fast at filtering - so ... perhaps thats why it felt faster.

    I gave it ago because of my previous post


    I dont think i would ever be that careless going at speed filtering - i see other riders going much quicker but i hesitate and slow down.
    Rule is - if you hesitate its usually not safe.

    That being said - i chose this route with another rider because it was much safer - and we were not being inconsiderate of other traffic (in my opinion).

    It was a leisurely ride (and quite enjoyable even despite the heat)
    except for what happened.

    I doubt i went faster than 2nd gear along this part because i was watching for tyres and glass in the E-lane.

    Thanks for you opinion though - next time i'll try not to over exaggerate.
  16. No worries. Same here. Apparently I have been naughty this morning :roll:
  17. It's worth noting - bikes can pull out on you when you're splitting too, because most people rarely check when they go to lane-split if there's a faster bike coming from behind them. So beware.

    But yeah, separate issue, get good at splitting and stay out of the emergency lane.
  18. Removed post noted :wink:
  19. yeah i got better at splitting when I got booked in the pushbike lane... however the paint on my mirrors are suffering...
  20. ya I use a bus lane along Epping road Sydney every day, the amount of ragers that pull out and gun it along the bus lane till the bus lane camera is amazing and I always keep the speed down.

    The scariest is the centre lanes of the Harbour Bridge! Ive had someone go to pull out on me and stopped half way and I locked up and stopped about half a meter from the drivers door!

    Good to see you got through it without injury (but a bludie uneven tyre now ffs)