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Evaporative spray: does a product like this exist?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by MeltingDOg, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. So now I have a 'classic' bike I am terrified of water getting into the many nooks and crevices and ruining my chrome from the inside out.

    I am wondering if anyone knew if a product like this exists: An aerosol type spray that evaporates water? I am thinking possibly like an alcohol like solution. Kind of like Aqua Ear. Ultimate goal would be to spray into gaps on my bike where water collects so that it would evaporate it out.

    Anyone know of a product that achieves something like this?
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  2. Cazzo's right. Many people forget its good for this.
  3. Compressed air! WD40 leaves an oily film.
  4. There are a number of aviation products that are what you need: Corrosion X and ACF50 are the best known and most reliable.
  5. Compressed air can force water past seals etc. I personally don't like using it.
  6. I think people forget the "WD" stands for "water displacement" - apparently it was the guy's 40th attempt at making a substance that kept water out. 40th time lucky!
  7. there is a product (or 3) that older car guys use in doors, sills etc. basically fish oil.

    this is a preventative measure, not a water evaporator, but will stop the oxidation and corrosion on hard to reach/paint areas.

    it will leave an oily residue... but what do you really expect from an oil? this residue is the active/pasive ingredient
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  9. I remember my old man drilling holes and putting it in the sills of our fame car. It works, but it smells for a bit.
  10. Isoprophyl alcohol. Its easy on the paint too. wont leave a film and can be bought in a can as a spray
  11. Carbon tetrachloride out of the old brass Pyrene fire extinguishers used to be the go. Brilliant stuff. Now impossible to obtain on the ridiculously trivial grounds that it'll kill you.

    Scour those swapmeets and antique fairs :D.
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  12. I had my own detailing business for 7 years. I know every product that is out there. Compressed air is best, and silocone spray. Spray all the cracks down with it. Your frame, anything that is fairly raw like painted surfaces and the motor. Will honestly keep it looking great and protect it. Use a spray wax on the painted and chrome surfaces if you want an easy to to go.