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Eurovision !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, May 17, 2009.

  1. Who else reckons the performer from Sweden is post-op tranny ? :LOL:
    Looked sensational but.

    Anyone else chilling out for a bit of euro culture ? lol

  2. Cliff Richards STILL reckons he was robbed :LOL:.
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  4. Yeah, the contest was held in Spain, and a Spanish act won it, and he reckons it was a fix, at the highest level, the King Himself (no, not Elvis.)
  5. yeah, it was a politically related song !

    Anyone watching it now ??
    Wow . . the Iceland act wins it for me ! =P~
  6. It's just not Eurovision without Terry Wogan :cry: I grew up watching Eurovision with that clever sarcasm and I'm just not fully enjoying this one.

    Oh, and don't you hate it when the news says who the winner is knowing full well we haven't seen it yet?
  7. +1

    and no serbia this year, utterly dissapointed :shock:
  8. perve factor is pretty good this year ! :grin:
  9. My gran cracks it big time when Croatia doesn't score well, no matter how bad they are (and my god have there been some bad ones!). Hmmm, this might make for an entertaining Eurovision 2010 and somewhat replace Sir Terry! :popcorn: Lol, nice one Gran.
  10. Shhhh, that's the real reason I watch it. The girlfriend still thinks it's because my parents are from Europe! LOL!
  11. stuffs me how severina didnt win a few years ago with the moja stikla song, oh thats right, serbia was there to, scored better :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Azerbaijan, Iceland and Romania gets my vote ! \:D/ . . . perve factor !
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  14. um, they were in it:


    there were some ok tunes this yr.

    not impressed by the hosts, though.

    grew up watching this spectacle. :grin:
  15. Why didn't the poms enter Susan...
    She would have won !!

  16. Doesn't everyone?

  17. Seeing how Melbourne is the worlds third largest Greek city then I feel that Aussie is entitled to enter in next years Eurovision contest.
    I'm thinking that Delta could give it a damn good shot....

  18. They should lol Would have been awesome to have Prljavo Kazaliste representing Croatia :grin:

    Goz I do know what she is saying, do you need a translation :wink:
  19. No they're not to enter you have to a paid up member of the EBU.

    Additionally Austria pulled out 2 years ago and Italy haven't entered since 1997.

    Germany the UK and France are constantly talking about pulling out as I think they are getting a little bored of paying for the Eastern Eurovision Song Contest...