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Eurovision 2007

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. I'd like to know, how the fcuk Serbia won this years contest.

    The singer looks like brother G if he was a she and she were a dyke.

    Honestly, if there were octagons on her face you'd just be tempted to kick it for goal :rofl:
  2. Hey vic...

    I KNOW!!!!!!

    Im a Serb and im ashamed... Usually its the hot, bikini-clad euro women that win...

    Nah jks... i guess its power to the women that arent typical bimbos...
    ive the people with REAL talent a chance, not synthesized fake barbies...

    She's got a great voice though!!!
  3. there goes eurovision. they've started voting for quality of content not looks...
  4. He He, looks like Hiro from Heroes...
  5. what a Minga!!

    She's got a touch of the Shrek's.. what happened to all the euro hotties?
  6. The cocaine has been crap quality of late in Europe so no hotties/celebs/rich folk (actors/models etc) are spending time there at present ;)
  7. Explains why the Beckham's moved to LA.
  8. Hehehehe good point...

    For me, i think its great that she one (even thought she looks like Shrek's mistress). Serbia has been fighting to build their economy since Slobodan Milosevic drove it into the ground so having the 08 Eurovision will be a great thing!!!

    (P.S for those of you who arent sure, 95% of Serbian girls arent that misforunate)

  9. mmm Photoshop & airbrushing does wonders for Ulga :p
  10. siik rack :grin:

    But yeah, airbrushing and photoshop are wonderful things.
    One day they will even get me looking half shootable
  11. If they shoot you and miss, they should never be trusted with a gun... :p :LOL:

    Anyway at least the 2005 Greek winner wasn't so bad :wink:

  13. but is she a true 'greek girl'?? only 1 way to find out :grin:

    Vic, if they shoot you it would be for humane reasons.

  14. Papparizou is orrite, Irin Merkouri has me pitching tents babeeeeeeee



  15. Hmm, what's that noise? Is that someone knocking at the back door? ;) :LOL:
  16. Nothing beats an Aussie girl!
  17. They obviously have some interesting roadside objects in Greece though... :LOL:

    Mind you those road toll figures probably explain Vic's crash rate too :LOL: :p

    From The Age Online