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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by creampuff, May 15, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Josh. I picked the "creampuff" username mainly because it's easy to remember ;)

    I'm Australian but currently living in London. I've had a bike licence since 2007 - from Vietnam where I was working from '07 - '10 and I learned to ride in Ho Chi Minh City traffic and rode there almost daily for 3 years. The Vietnam licence was not transferrable to the UK, so I got a UK bike licence, starting from L-plates, in 2010... although there is a Direct Access course in the UK where you can go from L-plates to an unrestricted licence in about 5 days full time training.

    After I got the UK licence, I started on a Honda CBF-600 half-faired road bike. After a year I changed over and I now ride a Honda ST-1300 Pan European.

    I'm now doing the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) advanced riding training program so in a few months it will be time for another test.....

  2. Wow, learning to ride in Vietnam sounds like a trial by fire.
    Anyway, welcome Europuff.
  3. Welcome.
    what do you need to do to get a license in Vietnam?
  4. Im picturing......................SURVIVE lol
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  5. Not a whole lot! Did you see the Top Gear episode when they went to Vietnam? That's what I did, except that the theory test was waived as I already had an overseas car licence (just as well as it was waived, as it was in Vietnamese). The practical test was just slow riding in a carpark with figure-8s etc.

    I've used that Vietnamese licence to rent cars in Australia btw!
  6. Welcome to NR :)

    have you seen the bullshit TAC ad over here recently? Interested in hearing the perspective of our European brethren.
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    Yes I have seen it and it is bullshit.

    They just say "a car turning right", they don't say a car turning right without clearing for oncoming traffic and violating the m/c's right of way. They don't mention what would have happened if the m/c was travelling at 60km/h but the car had pulled out later, giving the m/c even less reaction time.

    I don't know how accurate the reinactment is either, but he only used the rear brake and he braked for 21 metres. He should have been able to stop if he had front braked.

    Here is the UK equivalent of that ad:
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    yeah, I've seen that one. thanks.

    I wish we had ads like that one instead of the "blame the rider" ads we get. Anyway, welcome.
  9. Welcome to NR, Cream! (y)
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    Welcome creampuff :)

    Didn't we have something exactly like this in Australia a while back too?