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European trip dilema.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by the-bushman, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Would like some advice or help regarding the following questions.
    Planing trip to Europe with my daughter, maybe a couple of month touring on bike (a BMW). Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France in any order.
    I am looking at different options:
    1) Hire a road bike ( averages around Euro 700 per 7 days+ fuel, costs, insurance+++++......)
    2) Buy a good second handBM in Australia, send it to Europe, travel around and bring it back to Oz.
    3) Pick up a nice second hand BMW in Germany and bring it back to Oz after my trip.
    Has anyone faced this problem before??
    Can anyone advise me on the import restrictions and custom protocol??
    Would appreciate any knowledgeable help

  2. 4) Buy one over there and sell it over there and buy another back here.

    Sounds cheaper than shipping it all the way back here, but if not, then I'm for option 3.
    Shipping one way, and good to get a bike from the country they are made in :)
  3. I bought a 2nd hand bike in the uk for riding around on a few years back. The biggest difficulty was getting insurance when I wasn't a resident, they kept saying I should be insuring it with an insurer from my home country...
  4. Welcome to the forum, bushman

    Sounds like a great adventure, make sure you send back lots of pics and reports, we're the world's best vicarious tourers here :grin:

    Either wait till he logs onto the forum and picks up this question, or do a userlist search for glitch_oz and message him, he among others knows lots of stuff about this sort of thing.

    {You'll need to make at least 5 posts before you can use the PM (Private Messaging) function. One of them can be to tell us a bit more about yourself, if you like, where you are from, what you ride, etc.}
  5. thanks for the welcome.

    About me?
    I reside in Far West New South Wales. My hobby now which was my profession a few years back is composite construction or fibreglass technician. I use to design and manufacture sidecars, fairings and all types of bodies for bikes, trucks, aircrafts and cars. Right now I am building a replica of a 1942 Kubelwagen (WWII german jeep).
    I use to ride road bikes, have in my workshop a beautiful 1979, Z1300 Kawasaki
    with less than 5000km on the clock.
    I took a shine to the BMW RS but still attracted to the GS 1100. Don't really know!!! decisions decisions but will be touring Europe by Xmas this year.
  6. AARRGHH the Pipe Organ (as we used to call it)

    I remember Gary Thomas hounding one of those 700 pound monsters down through the dipper in the half dark and rain at Bathurst during the Three Hour race one year!! He wore through both the right side headers he had it cranked over so far...

    Sounds like a classic, and worth a few shekels, I'll bet....

    With the amount of crashes some of our Netriders have been having of late, your skills might come in handy!
  7. It comes down to how long you are over there as to which option makes the best sense. Bike shipping varies considerably. If you're on a tight schedule, the fact that a sea shipping of your bike can get stuck in limbo for 2 months as well, is also a negative in that stakes. Bike shipping there and back is around 1.5-2k each way.

    Shipping the bike over there means having to get a brown card for insurance (like the green slip), which from all accounts is a pain in the ass.

    Shipping the bike back means paying the import duties. Which is 15% I think. + the 1.5k transport costs.

    The other problem with getting a second hand bike, means at least 1-2 weeks of having to get it ready for touring, depending on it's setup. Again if you're on a tight schedule, that's going to suck.

    If it's months that you'll be over there, it might make more sense to buy the bike and then sell the bike. Even if you're selling it at a loss, going to be cheaper than renting.

    BTW, Mondial is about the only guys that do travel insurance for Motorcycle touring.

    Doing the same thing, but spending a year in England before going touring, so plenty of time to get the bike and fix her up.

    And Glitch_Oz has a trip organised to the German Alps in 2007(8?) so I'm sure he'll give you some more advice.
  8. Welcom to the forums bushman! If you know you are getting a beamer, then choosing a bike will happen in the one shop. I would be more concerned with the cost of shipping than anything else. Shipping from Europe is bloody expensive, more expensive than shipping from Oz to the same European place. it will be a few thousand Euros. But if you have a beand new beamer then it will be worth your while. You may actually see shipping cost a significant portion of your bike if you get a 2nd hand one. Germany is the place to get one, they are much cheaper there. I would recommend getting quotes from different shipping agencies (from different countries) and see what the cost will be to Oz.
  9. Glitch_oz should pick-up this topic shortly :) He has/is planning a 4 week Europe trip for 8 people (wish I was one of them :cry: ) in '07. After looking at the bike options, they wen't with the hire option being the best, for a number of options. I'm sure he'll give much more details....
  10. Thanks for all the replies.
    Yep , I guess buying one in Germany, riding around for 5 to 8 weeks and selling it makes sense.
    I am surprised when shipping to Oz is quoted as 1.5 to 2 K. A friend sent a shipping container to oz and the full think full of furniture was around $800.
    We'll have to check that one out..
    Does the 15% custom tax applies to any age bike??
    Thanks all.