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European tour in June

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by sly, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I'm off to Europe on Wednesday and staying in Amsterdam for a week, then taking off on a tour around Europe. Starting in Amsterdam we'll head down through Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy France and back to Amsterdam.

    This is what I've got planned>>


    If you've been round this area do you have any advice on good roads, even though I know they're nearly all amazing roads through the Alps.

    I've hired a BMW K1300 GT which should suit the trip well :)

    Appreciate any tips

  2. How long do you have for the tour?

    Anywhere in particular that you 'must see'?
  3. Wow! Looks like an awesome tour. How many kms in total?

    Have fun
  4. You'll love the Italian Lakes, they are splendiferous.

    If you've got the time, perhaps the Austrian Alps and the Czech Republic? (Prague is better than Paris IMO)

  5. I'll try to make a few specific suggestions over the next couple of days - I've got GPS files and road books for most of these sections and will post them up for you.

    Day 1
    Head down to Main roads to Liege, the south to Francochamps - there is a series of great roads that will take you through the forest over towards the Nurburgring. There is a great English-run guest house at Dollendorf which caters specifically to bikers - www.slidersguesthouse.com - if the ring is open then it is worth a lap or two, even at a leisurely pace on a touring bike.

    Day 2
    Head down towards Mosel and follow the river south, there are some awesome roads in the forests north of Karlsruhre which is sensible stop for the night.

    Day 3
    The Black Forest is just south of Karlsruhre, lots of great roads to play on before heading East around the North side of Lake Constance and climbing up into the Austrian Tyrol.

    Day 4
    Start with the awesome Kuhtai pass, then keep heading east on the high roads towards Kaprun

    Day 5
    Cross the Gross Glockner pass into Italy, then start cutting west towards Bolzano on the Italian side of the border - you should be able to make it as far as Cortina. This is one of the most underrated areas of the alps and has some of the best roads you will find anywhere.

    To be continued/expanded...
  6. +1. Over Brenner Pass to the Dolomiti (Cortina d'Ampesso), and back to Switzerland via the Brenta? Problem is, that for every road you include you have to miss something equally good. There's nothing wrong with your existing route BTW.

    edit: Like Miraz' suggestion a lot.
  7. From cortina, head due west through the ski runs towards Bolzano, then up towards Stelvio into Switzerland and into Engadine. Once in Switzerland head back towards Interlaken then cross back into Italy via the Furka pass.

    You can then either head south towards Florence along the old Mille Miglia rally route, or head west towards Genoa and Monte Carlo. the whole Liguria area of NW Italy is stunningly beautiful, the high alps come down all the way to the sea.

    From the French border you can pick up the "route DES grandes alpes" - which is an old road over the mountains that runs from Monte Carlo to Geneva. The southern end of the road starts at Sospel and includes most of the Monte Carlo rally stages...by the time you reach Geneva you will have covered around 20 of the highest passes in the western alps.
  8. Can I ask where you're getting the bike, and how much? I'm just researching whether to buy one second hand for this year and next (UK, leave it garaged for their winter) or whether to hire.

  9. +1 to this, never got to do it back when I lived in the uk, always wanted to though... especially as I have some friends/friends family live near that french border to start with hehe.
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys, loads of really good advice, very grateful.

    Forgot to mention how long I've got, 10 days with the bike. Getting the bike from http://www.motorhoutrust.nl/ - 495 euro / week which is pretty cheap I reckon...

    Also, probably should've mentioned I lived in Switzerland for 7 years, in the southern Canton of Valais (Wallis in German), so I know that area quite well. Only difference is this time I'll be on two wheels as I only learnt to ride in Australia 6 years ago. I can't bloody wait to ride the roads I'd drive to places like Zermatt and Verbier. But I'll definitely check out some of the above suggestions.

    I managed to pick up some Euro maps for the Nuvifone off ebay, so will just see how we go for time and plug some of these places in.

    Re Nurburgring, defo want to go there and do a lap but the bike isn't insured, so not sure I want to risk it, given the cost of the beemer... Anyways, considering do this instead http://www.bmw-motorsport.com/fascination/bmw_ring_taxi - would be of equal or more enjoyment and thrill factor.

    I have to say, I'm looking forward to touring at maybe a more leisurely pace than I ride most of the time (Speed Triple...), to the point I'm a bit worries I'll come back and want a tourer 8-[

    I plan on taking loads of video on the trip, so will post some links to Youtube for your viewing pleasure. My missus on the back shooting in full HD on the Canon then a Lumix on a mount on the handlebars - should have it covered.

  11. Go to the ring anyway, always plenty of interesting machinery to thumb a lift with....you won't get into the ring taxi...need to book months in advance.

    Road up to Zermatt is a little dull, there has been a big road building project that got rid of the interesting roads...Verbier is better as is the descent into Martigny.

    Pictures and maps of my suggested route later tonight.
  12. I can't believe their hire prices: a K1600GT for €595 a week :shock:

    I'm just re thinking my plans for European touring with that sort of deal: outstanding :biker:
  13. so I'm currently in Italy, staying on lake Como, stunning place! Tomorrow I ride to St. Moritz via Bormio in Italy, then maybe go and do the the Stelvio pass in the afternoon, only cause the top gear boys did it, I kind of have to...

    Boring trip down through Germany, except for the lack of speed restrictions :) Sat on 220 for a good couple of hours, not bad, two up on a 300kg fully laden bike.

    Will post pics and a more thorough write up when I'm back.

  14. BTW, already done 1500 kms, so fully prepared to pay the extra per km. Even if we clock up another 2000 kms (highly likely), will still only be an extra 400 euro, not bad value if you ask me.