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VIC European helmets standards allowed?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by crocodil18, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hi guys

    I'm new on this forum. I'm french and I will stay in Australia for a long time now.
    I would like to ride again a motorbike here but I have a question about the helmet.

    My mother will send me all my stuff (helmet, jacket, gloves, ...) from France. But can I use my French helmet here in Australia ? Are there the same helmet standards ? My helmet has the European standards of course.

    Thanks for answers
  2. Hi Crocodil18 and Welcome to the site.

    Australian helmet standards are not the same as European ones and you may get charged by the police for a non compliant Helmet. This is an annoying thing to Australian riders because it does push the price of helmets up here in Australia. The rest of your riding gear should be OK but you should buy a helmet here to use while in Australia.
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  3. ok thank you for your quick answer

    just to know what are the differences between european and australian standards ?
  4. There is an additional group of tests that Australian helmets need to pass which are not in the European standards. The main one is called the penetration test where resistance to penetration by a metal spike is tested. Many people are of the opinion that helmet manufacturers will design to this specification anyway for a world helmet but as far as the law is concerned the helmet must have a accreditation label of one of the following saying that it complies with Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698

  5. I see you are in Melbourne, There are regular weekend rides in Melbourne so hopefully we will see you on one of these rides when you have your bike and gear ready.
  6. ok cool the helmets are better here than in France
  7. Maybe, there is a lot of argument that designers will have designed their helmets to pass the Australian test anyway but they just don't go to the bother of getting them tested for the much smaller market in Australia.
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  8. yes no worries for the rides that will be great ! what kind of bikes are on those rides ? road bikes ? trail bikes ?
  9. Your European helmet is legal to use in Queensland.

    "Previously, motorcycle riders on Queensland roads were required to wear a helmet that complied with Australian standard AS1698 or AS/NZS1698. The range of motorcycle helmets approved for use in Queensland has been expanded to include those complying with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) 22.05 standard."
    "Currently other Australian states and territories only allow helmets approved under Australian standards, although some jurisdictions are reviewing helmet standards. Motorcycle riders and passengers should be aware that it is still an offence to wear a helmet approved under the ECE 22.05 standard when riding in other Australian states or territories."
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  10. Road bikes mainly, not a lot of trail bikers on this forum, a couple of them if thats your thing.
  11. perfect I prefer road bikes ! I let you know when I'm ready thanks !
  12. He's in Melbourne, so that's not much help really.
  13. In addition to this, I'm not sure where this could land you regarding insurance as well, especially if you took on a pillion with a different standard helmet?

    Does anyone know if TAC take on / go after drivers for recovery of their costs where their passengers have sustained injuries whilst being in unregistered cars, or cars without working seatbelts, overloded cars, etc?
  14. One for Justus I would think.
  15. Helpful to anyone else that stumbles across the thread though. :)
  16. It will probably be the case in Victoria as well at some point and the more Victorian riders that are aware that we're getting shafted by unneeded regulations and Queensland riders aren't the better, that's the only way things will ever change.

    So yes helpful.
  17. The cops certainly check the helmets of pillions and will input their own advice if they don't think they are wearing enough gear.

    Should you get into an serious accident and the pillion is hurt or killed and not wearing an approved helmet, the rider is certainly going to be in the crosshairs and possible face charges. The TAC, cops and insurance company will be lining up to blame you for the smallest of things...Take for example how "speed" is blamed for almost every accident although in reality its role is minor. Our authorities believe bureaucracies such as stickers save lives...

    To avoid the legal hassle, just buy a new set of helmets or at-least a pair of stickers....
  18. A pair of stickers may not help. I believe they can cross check the number on the sticker to ensure it matches the make/model of the helmet.
  19. Compensation is payable to a person who is injured, or in respect of a person who dies as a result of a transport accident if the accident meets the criteria of a transport accident as defined sections 3 (1A) and 35. They do not consider who was at fault in the accident when determining if the person is eligible for TAC compensation.

    Incorrect. Any charges laid on the rider has no relevance to whether an adult pillion was wearing an approved helmet or not. Refer to Regulation 270(2)

  20. Thanks Justus. I understand that bit. What I mean is that with my insurance, if I'm involved in an accident where another party is at fault they pay me out - regardless of whether the other party is insured or not. Then afterwards they go chasing after the other driver (or their insurance) to recompense them.

    I've been told that if someone drives an unregistered vehicle and causes injuries, that TAC will pay for the injuries to the 3rd parties and then go after the driver at fault who was uninsured through TAC to claim back any expenses TAC had.

    I was wondering if it's the same if TAC deem that the person at fault was insured, but otherwise not meeting required regulations (ie, company allowing a driver without required license to drive a bus, or in this case, the rider not ensuring that pillion had required safety gear).