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European figures breakdown what riders hit in crashes.

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by robsalvv, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Guess what object fatally injured riders in Europe hit the most often?? :-k

    The study the visor down article references is the MAIDS study. Google it. Not that long ago, MUARC produced a study that identified that 50% of fatal collisions were with another vehicle. Recently CARRS-Q in Queensland released an information brochure that spells out that 2/3rds of motorcycle collisions are with another vehicle.

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    A EUROPEAN study of 921 motorcycle accidents reports that you've got a 60% chance of a car being your collision partner during an accident.

    The study shows what the collision partner was and not what the cause of the accident was. In 60% of cases, a car was the collision partner. The collision partner breakdown is as follows: 9% roadway, 8.4% Truck/SUV/Bus, 8% Fixed object (sign post, tree), 6.9% another motorcycle or scooter, 2.7% parked vehicle, 2.5% nothing, 2.1% bicycle/pedestrian, 0.3% animal.

    The study has been produced from data taken from accidents in Italy, Holland, Germany, France and Spain.

    Last month, Visordown published a news story on Where you're most likely to get injured during a motorcycle accident.

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  2. Interesting that SUV is in with truck and bus, not passenger car.

    I was thinking last night about the fact that in the rest of the world, 50-66% of motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle, yet that doesn't seem to be the same in Victoria. Leaves 3 options as far as I can see...

    1. Victorian car drivers are awesome
    2. Victorian motorcycle riders are terrible
    3. Victorian data is unreliable
  3. 4. It's an inconvenient truth being ignored by Victorian Authorities.
  4. Something odd here: 2.5% hit 'nothing'?

    What kind of accident involves hitting nothing?
  5. highside & very unlucky landing?
  6. Technically they probably hit the ground at least, but I would think they assumed everybody did that at some stage in their prang...
  7. why is this a great revelation, not to be argumentative?? we ride on the roads, the roads are full of vehicles, and cars make up the greatest percentage of them :? Am I missing something?
  8. That couldn't have been a better scripted post. Why isn't the likes of the TAC seeing it?

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