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European A1 license in australia

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Frostyfoe, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Hi netriders!

    I'm new on this forum, and in Australia aswell!

    I'm an international student from Denmark, staying here for at least 4 years. I'm only 19 but have held a european A1 motorcycle license since i was 18. If you don't know, A1 licenses are restricted to bikes under 125cc (yes it's stupid).

    Where i'm from acquiring such a license requires a good deal of effort and expense - and i know that i need an international drivers license to drive in Victoria, but i was wondering if any of you has experience in this field - will the stupid restriction remain at 125cc by doing so? And if it does, will i have to do a learner permit from the start here in Australia to ride other LAMS bikes?

    I owned a Yamaha YBR 125 in Denmark, and have done over 10000 km's so i'm not really keen on starting from the bottom again!

  2. Welcome!

    I'm not sure about the situation in Victoria, but here in Tasmania there is a limit of a few months of how long you may drive/ride before getting a local licence. If staying for four years will probably need to get a Victorian licence - but a Victorian will be able to give you better information!
  3. Hey, thanks for replying!

    Yeah, according to the vic website tho, i'm allowed to use an international drivers license for the duration of my stay on a temporary visa, which my student visa is. The problem as mentioned, is that my drivers license is restricted to 125cc because of shitty european regulations. It is NOT a learners permit, there's no such ting in Europe. Reading through the rules to get a drivers license here tho, i am confused whether my drivers license allows me to apply for a probationary license. I have searched countless websites and forums to get an answer for this! As mentioned, i think it's a little brutal if i have to start all over again seeing as i spent around 2000$ and many training hours in Denmark to get my current license...
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    Buried in another site Visitors to Australia and New Zealand - Austroads it says "visiting drivers can only drive vehicles which their overseas licence authorises them to drive and they must drive according to any conditions on their overseas licence." It is a bit ambiguous but it could mean you are limited to a 125cc which is a condition of you licence - which may be an issue from an insurance perspective if you get something bigger while in Australia.

    Best to check things out directly with VICROADS and get it in writing as what you can ride. Keep in mind it may vary in the other States if you are going to do any interstate touring. The other option may be to apply for a Victorian licence. You hold a licence from a recognised country so only have to sit the theory exam. Given your age and years riding you would probably start out as a P2 on a LAMS bike. Some of the larger cc LAMs bike are quiet impressive in their handling, performance and ability for long distance travel - and I would strongly suggest coming along to Sat. Practice and getting some advice/mentoring if making a jump to a heavier more powerful bike (than your experience on a 125cc).
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    alternatively, if you get an unrestricted licence here (which you could do in a couple of years) will that transfer back to Denmark as a full unrestricted licence?

    but keep this in mind..
    Changes to overseas driver licence rules : VicRoads
    From 1 September 2015, if you fail a VicRoads practical driving test you’ll no longer be able to drive in Victoria using your overseas driver licence. This change applies to all VicRoads practical driving tests including:
    • Motorcycle learner permit skills assessments
    • Motorcycle licence tests
  6. Yeah ReturnedReturned, i was pretty sure the 125cc restriction would stick here. I would be satisfied to get hold of a P-license, but reading the vicgov website it seems that i also need to take a practical test? I have also ridden several bikes in the 500cc region, so i know what kind of power to expect from one.
    oldcorollasoldcorollas No matter what, i will automatically get my full unrestriced license in Denmark when i'm 22, so that doesn't matter.

    I am just hoping i can avoid too many tests and fees, it seems very overwhelming at vicgov, considering i will also need an international drivers license to prove i have one (which takes several months to acquire as it has to go through the embassy).
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  7. Sounds like you may be better off doing a pre learner course and getting your license here, otherwise you will be limited to the 125cc condition in your home country.

    Also international license are genrally for tourist visa, student visa may be considered as long stay.

    I also heard about expenses in getting licenses overseas and Aus is relatively cheap. Pre learner was only $88 plus I think $6x for written test and another $2xx for MOST when getting your P as opposed to a few thousands in some country
  8. Okay, seems like i will have to get a victorian license... The questions is then, if i can use an international drivers license to skip the 3-month L-plates? It says on vicgov that holders of overseas drivers licenses for less than 3 years, can get a motorcycle P-license by just doing the practical test:

    Get your motorcycle licence : VicRoads
  9. it depends if the Student visa is considered temporary or permanent?
    Overseas drivers : VicRoads

    Temporary Visa
    If you hold a temporary visa:
    • you are not required to get a Victorian driver licence and/or learner permit
    • you can drive using your current overseas driver licence for the length of your stay
    • your driver licence must be written in English or accompanied by an English translation or international driving permit.
    Permanent Visa
    If you hold a permanent visa (issued under the Migration Act 1958) you may drive on your overseas driver licence if it's written in English or accompanied by an English translation or international driving permit for:
    - 6 months from the date you first entered Australia (if the permanent visa was issued before you entered Australia), or
    - 6 months from the date when the permanent visa was issued (if the permanent visa was issued to you while in Australia).
    If you want to continue driving in Victoria after this time you must get a Victorian driver licence. If your overseas driver licence has expired, you will still be able to take the drive test as you are exempt from holding a learner permit for the test.

    Once you are issued with a Victorian driver licence or learner permit, it is against the law to use your overseas or interstate driver licence to drive in Victoria.


    You must be at least 18 years of age to get a Victorian driver licence. Whether you are issued a full or probationary licence will depend on your age and how long you have held your overseas driver licence.
    • You will be issued a P1 probationary driver licence if you are under 21 years of age and have held an overseas driver licence for less than 12 months from your 18th birthday.
    • You will be issued a P2 probationary driver licence if you:
      • are under 21 years of age and have held your overseas driver licence for more than 12 months, or
      • are 21 years of age or older and have held your overseas probationary driver licence for less than three years.
    • You will be issued with a full Victorian driver licence if you are 21 years of age or older and:
      • have held your overseas probationary driver licence for at least three years, or
      • hold or have held an overseas full driver licence.
    Step 2: Check if your overseas driver licence is recognised for conversion
    If your overseas driver licence was issued from one of the country's or jurisdictions listed below, your driver licence IS recognised in Victoria and you will not need to sit a drive test.
    Denmark is included in the list

    Step 4: Prepare for your appointment Hide
    What to bring to the appointment
    1. Your original evidence of identity documents.
    2. Your current overseas licence written in English or accompanied by an English translation or an international driving permit. If your overseas licence is not available, you can provide a letter on original letterhead from either:
      • your issuing country’s driver licensing authority confirming your overseas driver licence details, or
      • your issuing country's consul in Australia where the consul has verified your licence details with the issuing country’s licensing authority.
    3. A completed licence or learner permit application form [PDF 829 Kb]
    4. Refer to driver licence and learner permit fees for information about fees. ($76 for 3 years for P2)

    so if you've had for more than 12 months, then you should automatically get P2 licence with no driving test.. at least for cars..

    yup as above..
    But, I'd try going to Vicroads and getting them to transfer licence without doing the test first :)
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  11. Yes, speaking from experience if you are on a student visa you continue to drive on your home country's licence. I know people at uni who have been doing their phd for 6 years or more and they're still on their home country's licence. This is Queensland of course...

    Not saying it's right, not saying it's how things ought to be, but that's how it is...

    The other week I had to explain to two foreign nationals with recently-acquired PR status that no, they now cannot drive on their home country licence and we take our licencing rather more seriously than, say, China does...
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  12. Hey guys!

    I have now been in contact with VicRoads, and after 2 appointments - i have found out that the A1 european license holds absolutely no sway with the Victorian Government! Regardless if you have a car license aswell, like i have. I had my car license converted to a P1 license (as i have only held the car license for a year) without a test - but i will have to start over completely with a learner permit course for motorcycle. So if any other europeans are planning to ride bikes in Oz... don't bother spending 2400$ on a european license!